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Mum and daughter aggression

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pinotnoirismyjam Mon 09-Jan-17 00:55:48

We've just adopted a mum and her 6 month old daughter. They were previously being (happily, apparently) fostered together, but 2 days in and mum is hissing and growling at baby. Is that normal?

Toddlerteaplease Mon 09-Jan-17 02:38:23

If you've only had them a very short time, could it be that mum is not sure about the new environment, and baby is a bit more confident and mum is trying to keep her in check until she's happy it's ok.

sugarplumfairy28 Tue 10-Jan-17 06:48:31

In a new environment it could just be Mum being unsettled, new smell, lack of confidence and all will return to normal. having said that it really isn't uncommon for Mums to end disliking their offspring. My family cat Mitzi had kittens, my parents kept one as soon as the kitten was at age she really really would have left the nest Mitzi hated her with a passion. They never got on, never sat together, Mitzi would frequently beat her and tell her who was boss.

In addition to that, we have had 4 litters of kittens born in our house, and kept kittens from each litter. The only Mum who still really adores her babies in the first. The third is a grumpy cow and has no time for this cutest Mummy stuff, but she isn't a cuddly cat anyway, other than her everyone gets on, but no-one has this Mummy/baby relationship anymore.

SummerSazz Tue 10-Jan-17 06:53:53

Our cat is a rescue - she and lived together for a while and then fell out (kitten bullied mum) so daughter was rehomed, now as an only cat. It took till she was 2 though.

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