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Cat poo on the lawn

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Ilovetolurk Sun 08-Jan-17 12:03:29

Hello I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for me please.

My cat is 12 and uses a litter tray indoors, she does not go outside much, probably twice a day for half an hour or so.

At least one neighbourhood cat uses our lawn as a toilet (we don't have any flowerbeds) and we find lots of piles of poo on the lawn. We are clearing up at least five piles a week. Not sure if it is more than one cat.

I think it is designed to intimidate my cat who is very timid anyway. The poo is revolting and can be quite runny, very different to my cat's poo.

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions. We chase the cats out of the garden when we see them but I have not seen any of them actually pooing in action. Anything we could treat our lawn with would obviously be unpleasant for my cat.

I thought about maybe putting some of her poo on the lawn in the hope it might mark her territory?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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