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Weaning onto dry food only

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Queenie72 Sat 07-Jan-17 17:40:44

We are getting a kitten this week, they are currently on felix pouches - would like to eventually wean her onto dry food only - what age / how would people recommend doing this - and any recommendations for best dry food ? Thanks

Jonsnowsghost Sat 07-Jan-17 17:43:09

It's not recommended to feed dry food only, cats don't have a thirst drive so wet food provides water for them. If they are not drinking water it can lead to kidney problems.
Dry food does have its place and I feed it too but I would always feed wet food alongside it.

sugarplumfairy28 Sat 07-Jan-17 20:31:53

Agree with PP. We learned the hard way that dry food only is a no no. One of ours, Suru, ended up with a blocked bladder due to crystallized salt build up in his bladder. We came within hours of losing him. He was at the vets for 10 days, had 3 surgerys and very nearly had to have an operation to 'widen' all his tubes and remove his penis! Cost us well over a grand and we came home with half a pharmacy.

Cats are designed to take fluid from the meat they eat and not have to drink water separately, they have not been domesticated to a point where this isn't relevant anymore.

We have a half and half diet, we have wet food in the morning, and dry at night with water out of course. We did this after speaking to several vets. In 3 years we've not had a problem.

FuzzyWizard Sat 07-Jan-17 20:33:04

I wouldn't personally feed dry only for the same reason as the PP. My cat has a small amount of dry food each day but her main food source is wet to ensure she gets enough water. Mill Farm, Lily's Kitchen and James Wellbeloved dry foods are well liked by my cat but she isn't fussy.

Queenie72 Sat 07-Jan-17 21:04:20

Great thanks everyone- hmm maybe not such a great idea after all !!

noarguments Sun 08-Jan-17 12:46:34

Can i hijack this and ask for advice.
I have a year old cat that is given wet food (whiskas jelly pouches) but he only eats the jelly round it and leaves the chunks of meat (which are then hoovered up by my overweight other cat). We've tried the gravy version, and tried mushing up the meat bits and the same happens. He eats biscuits quite happily (and gets through a fair bit of water) and I was wondering about just doing dry food, but reading this is making me have second thoughts.
What other wet foods would you recommend we try?
Any other suggestions?

Jonsnowsghost Sun 08-Jan-17 13:36:08

Have you tried pate style food? There's some sheba or gourmet that are pate style. Also try felix as good as it looks or something shredded instead of chunks. My cat really doesn't like whiskas but will happily eat sheba fine flakes or felix that's flaked

thecatneuterer Sun 08-Jan-17 13:42:13

noarguments - I was also going to suggest the pate style food. All my cats love it and I use it to give tablets.

If you have to give dried food, particularly to males, make sure it's a quality one such as Applaws. Avoid Go Cat, Whiskas dry food and the ilk like the plague. They are strongly linked to urinary crystals.

noarguments Sun 08-Jan-17 15:59:13

Thanks. [hangs head in shame of using the "avoid like the plague" biscuits, and shuffles off to the shops].

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