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Give me the bloody strength to get over the food change begging.

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FormerlyFrikadela01 Thu 05-Jan-17 14:06:16

So a few weeks ago I posted asking about his lordship constantly begging for food.

On the back of the fabulous advice I've done some research and bought in some applaw senior dry food (tried lilys kitchen at first but by heck it's pricey).

Anyway we've gone from 4 pouches of Perle ocean Delicacies a day to the dry food (weighed out according to the recommendations on the pack) plus one pouch of the wet food.

Now the bloody cat begs for food all day and is driving me crazy,however he is eating around 2/3 of the dry food so can't hate it that much.

How long is he likely to continue the pestering? I'm really struggling to not just give in and give him the pouches but I think the new regime will be better for him. It doesn't help that DP (who the cat actually belongs to) thinks I'm just guessing over him.

FormerlyFrikadela01 Thu 05-Jan-17 14:06:35

Fussing not guessing

PenguinsandPebbles Thu 05-Jan-17 14:16:31

Mine were not eating their wet food so we have moved into iams and gourmet once a day along with biscuits...

I went from one pestering for wet food in the evening to three wanting the gourmet every time I walk anywhere near the kitchen.

A week later I was back to one pestering two weeks laters we have a routine odd bit of pestering from one (who thinks she is a piglet not a cat) how long has it been?

FormerlyFrikadela01 Thu 05-Jan-17 14:28:14

3 weeks now. You'd think we were starving him the way he is. He's just so fussy. When I first moved in 2 years ago DP had him on 5 pouches a day plus go cast biscuits. He was a fatty.

He went completely off dry food after he had the majority of his teeth out so was having 4 pouches of Perle a day. It was expensive and he still begged for food.

I'm keeping strong but for example on a day like today when I'm stuck in the house he drives me crackers begging.

Wondering whether it might be worth splitting the wet food so he has a pouch spread through the day... But then I have to have the stinky stuff in the fridge.

Cats are hard sad

Qwebec Thu 05-Jan-17 14:47:11

I don't think splitting it would help. Do you give at the same time every day?
I must confess pouches made cats so demanding I only give wet food after unpleasant stuff like claw clipping, ear cleaning or grooming. It makes the whole experience more peaceful for everyone. No mewing for food and when they click on that the 3 minutes of care leads to a high value treat they stop fighting is as much IME.

FormerlyFrikadela01 Thu 05-Jan-17 14:52:07

He has it on a morning.

I did suggest getting rid of the wet food altogether. He drinks plenty of water so it's not like he needs it for the water content. DP said I was being tight though since it's his lordships one pleasure in life apparently hmm.

gamerchick Thu 05-Jan-17 15:02:44

I feed like that although I feed the wet on an evening rather than the morning.

I'm mean as I can ignore the whinging though. Same as if she doesn't eat the wet because it's not to her taste. She waits until the next evening for any more, I don't get more than one missed day because of parkiness. Unlike the husband who will take it away and replace it with something else hmm might be why she doesn't ask me to be fed unless she has to.

Hold firm. It does drive you mad though... mine gets shut out of the room when she's a pest.

BagelGoesWalking Thu 05-Jan-17 17:29:15

No expert at all but just wondering if the dry food is difficult for him to eat as you said he's had the majority of his teeth out? Could you try softening it with gravy or warm water? Don't know if that's a stupid idea or what? smile

FormerlyFrikadela01 Thu 05-Jan-17 19:08:33

He will not entertain the dry food when it's being moistened in any way. He has been eating it and I've yet to find any of his little piles of sick he does when he eats his wet food too fast so I assume he's managing it fine.
I think he's just a greedy cat and we've pandered to the greed for so long that he knows a little bit of begging will have us tipping out another pouch. DP even buying him some of those cat soup pouches to "tide him over" till his next proper meal. hmm

He's gone off in a huff today because I wouldn't give him any ham when I made my dinner. Suits me fine, letting him in and out of the living room drives me I despair. I'm getting cat flaps installed in all the doors of our next house grin

gamerchick Thu 05-Jan-17 19:10:40

Tsk what is it with bloody men and cats?! grin

HaveYouSeenHerLately Sat 07-Jan-17 01:03:47

"tide him over" ahahaha grin

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