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Flea advice please

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CupofTeaTime Thu 29-Dec-16 17:54:35

Both my cats have fleas, not many, very early stages (according to vet) I've got the stuff to treat them which I have done but the vet has scared me into thinking my house will now be infested and she has sold me some spray telling me I need to spray my whole house, move furniture and spray behind it, wash all our bedding on a 90 degree wash (even tho the cats aren't allowed upstairs) etc etc. However a few people have said that they've never done this to their house when their pet has fleas so I'm wondering is it really necessary and as saved as she made out? I'm worried as I have a 6 week old DD and the thought of fleas on her blankets etc is freaking me out angry

CupofTeaTime Thu 29-Dec-16 19:03:02


TheoriginalLEM Thu 29-Dec-16 20:15:59

What have you bought to get rid of the fleas on the cat? Bear in mind that fleas do not reproduce on their host animal so will have jumped off somewhere and laid eggs, which will hatch into larvae, pupate and then hatch as adult fleas. Very few flea preps kill fleas at every life stage.

Ideally you should treat the environment as well, but with a 6 week old baby I would be reluctant to do so. Follow the vets advice of hovering thoroughly and washing whatever you can on a boil wash. You can use a steam iron on max heat on your bedding, mattress, curtains etc. Concentrating mostly on areas where your cat frequents.

If there is not a massive infestation then using a good spot on prep such as Advantage should sort it but not immediately. I just use this on my dogs and haven't had to treat the environment separately but I do regularly de flea the dogs so the environment is flea free.

Indorex, whilst safe to use is not something I would use around my baby.

TheoriginalLEM Thu 29-Dec-16 20:22:18

sorry, Advocate not advantage

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