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Cats poop had blood in

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mortificado Sat 24-Dec-16 18:37:56

Any help would be greatly appreciated! She's nearly 2, seems relatively fine (although looks extremely tired) she's had 2 runny poos today both with bright red blood in. Do you think I need to call the out of hours vet or just see how she goes?

Costacoffeeplease Sat 24-Dec-16 18:58:58

Has she been wormed recently?

TrustySnail Sat 24-Dec-16 19:04:54

If it's coupled with diarrhoea and she looks tired, I would give the vet a call.

Mincepies76 Sat 24-Dec-16 20:50:35

My cat had d&v this week and had some blood in poo and around his bum. Vet said most likely due to irritated bowel/gut. He has been to vet, had an anti-sickness jab and some pills. Getting better now.

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