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Talk to me about older cats with Thyroid issues

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RozzlePops Wed 21-Dec-16 19:18:09

I am taking cat to the vet in the new year. A few things point towards her having thyroid problems.

What tests need doing? If she has overactive thyroid, what is the treatment, how much does it improve their life, and what if they don't get treated. Any advice out there for me please?

She is a lovely cat, never been ill for the whole of her life, I need to think of the kindest way forward.

GRW Wed 21-Dec-16 21:05:15

Hyperthyroidism in older cats is treatable with long term medication, surgery to remove the thyroid or a special diet. My cat was diagnosed at 17. She was losing weight in spite of eating well, jumpy and restless and had a fast heart rate. She has been on medication ever since and is still here at 19 years old. The tablets are small and she takes them squashed into a small piece of cheese. Blood tests are quite traumatic for her, but once the dose is stable she only has them every 6 months or so. Medication is a bit cheaper online with a prescription from the vet. I hope your cat will be OK. I didn't expect mine to survive as long as she has, especially as she has kidney failure now too.

orangefolly Thu 22-Dec-16 17:40:42

Hi OP I have a 17 y.o. cat who was diagnosed with it 2.5 years ago. She has pills every day that we crush up in her food (after she got wise to the whole pill in cheese trick - vet had to give a different drug). Now we have her dosage right she doesn't have to go to the vet so often, just as GRW says. She seems very happy - shiny coat, has put on (healthy) weight since, still active (between epic naps) so it's definitely not the end of the world for her. My major advice for you is if you don't already have pet insurance, get it now before any diagnosis. The pills are very expensive! But not such a big deal if you have help from insurance.

NotYoda Wed 28-Dec-16 13:49:52

My girl lasted happily about 6 years, to the age of 20, on Vidalta, Giving it to her was a bit of a pain - it was slow-release and couldn't be crushed. She got wise to every one of our tricks!

Ours also developed kidney disease - common in older cats, and was PTS a few months ago

YY to getting insurance

If not, make sure you don't get the pills from the vet - get them to give you a prescription and then buy online. There are several reputable websites. I saved £££ doing it this way.

NotYoda Wed 28-Dec-16 13:51:53

If you don't get overactive thyroid treated via drugs, they may try a diet - our cat would not eat it! Without treatment, cat would be very miserable, anxious and loose masses of weight

NotYoda Wed 28-Dec-16 13:52:41

lose not loose

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