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Leaving her at home for Xmas

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EachandEveryone Sun 18-Dec-16 09:50:36

I feel rotten have a week off but ill go to family for four nights. My neighbour will come in twice a day. Shes a home bird 8 months old. I cant see an alternative. Im in a flat she will have kitchen, living room, hall and my bedroom. Shes used to me being on nights. What can i do to make things better for her. How long can a radio/telly be on unattended? What woukd thet do in a cattery better? She will have mountains of xmas tous she hasnt seen yet. Im a crap mama arent i?

EachandEveryone Sun 18-Dec-16 09:51:29

Ignore the spelling its been a busy shift!

torroloco Sun 18-Dec-16 09:54:55

She will be fine. I have a cat and left her in the summer for 18 days with a neighbour coming in once/twice a day to feed, water and change the litter tray. I will be going away on the 27th for 2 weeks and she will be left again with the same neighbour looking after her.

Dont fret OP.

Allergictoironing Sun 18-Dec-16 09:59:47

Don't feel too bad about it. My DSis is going away for a week and I'll be over there twice a day to feed, offer fuss/play if wanted, & do litter plus "poison" one of hers with his medicine.

I would definitely leave the TV or a radio on, preferably TV as she will get more stimulation from the pictures. If your TV automatically turns off after a few hours, the neighbour can turn it back on again I'm sure. Just see if the neighbour's kindness will stretch to a bit of play rather than the basics.

worrierandwine Sun 18-Dec-16 10:00:31

Cats are far happier in their own environment and hate staying with others. You're doing the right thing as she's still getting fed and watered and monitored but staying in her territory.

ittybittyluna Sun 18-Dec-16 16:31:21

I'm going through the same thing here. Our boy will be alone for four days with a new cat sitter coming twice a day. I'm convinced he'all sleep most of the time but occasionally I have a pang of guilt. Better this than stressing him out in his carrier for hours and hours taking him to a place he doesn't know though. You're doing the right thing.

EachandEveryone Sun 18-Dec-16 16:45:03

Do your sitters come in on xmas day?

ittybittyluna Sun 18-Dec-16 17:12:37

Yes, she'll come in twice everyday we're away which will include Xmas Day and Boxing Day (although her rate is double then shock ).She will also send texts and pictures to assure this needy cat mum that her little boy is ok. Apparently she's sitting for four other cats in the area over Xmas.

EachandEveryone Fri 23-Dec-16 14:12:14

Well it's done now I left her this morning put two lots of food in the timer 12 hours appart just in case. Left three tunnels and a new box and she knows where her other toys are. My cleaner is coming Xmas night to sleep I've left her mince pies baileys and m and s food plus the cleaning money! It's an expensive do but it's nice to know she'll be there over night and leave her Boxing Day and I'm home 24 hours after that. I TBH k we have it covered.

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