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Devon rex and allergies

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NeopreneMermaid Thu 24-Nov-16 17:29:14

I visited a new hairdresser today who had three Devon rex cats and when I lamented not having a cat due to DH's allergies, she said that he should be OK with them; she is asthmatic herself and said it's the only breed that she can have.

Is this right? I suspect possibly not as I didn't see anything about allergies on the Rex Association. Wouldn't being hypoallergenic be a major selling point for the breed?

Anyway. Anyone?

FuzzyWizard Thu 24-Nov-16 19:18:03

Some cats are less allergenic but no breeds are truly hypoallergenic. Some people will be OK with a Devon Rex but others won't. I've reacted quite badly to rex breeds and sphynx cats but I'm ok with longhaired breeds.

ImprovisingNow Thu 24-Nov-16 20:43:08

Rex's are seen as a low allergy cat (possibly because some of them don't have much fur). We got ours because my youngest DC used to react to cats. We went to a Rex breeder who let us spend an afternoon playing with hers (great fun!) and after several hours he had not reacted at all so we bought ours and took him home.

A couple of things to note: several people have said to me that if you live with a cat you lose the allergic reaction . This certainly seems to be the case with my DC as we now have another cat (not a Rex) too with no problems at all. I appreciate that is a bit of a gamble though.

Also, Rex are one of the few breeds who like water. Ours showers with us and if you look on youtube there are lots of videos of Rex's having baths. It is usually the dander which people are allergic to and if you bathe them or vent just wipe them with a damp towel you are removing the dander.

Totally not linked to allergies, Rex are the most characterful and engaging cats I have owned. They are huge performers and very much people lovers.

Potentialmadcatlady Thu 24-Nov-16 22:38:40

I'm allergic to Sphynx cats but not Devon Rex ones ( I currently have one curled up beside me fast asleep)... They are mad silly inquisitive in your face cats who are very funny and affectionate...mine loves water and food....very different from my 'moggies' in personality and looks...
I most definitely get 'used' to new animals in the house after a couple of weeks and then my allergies settle again ( I foster ) after an initial period of them flaring up generally quite badly.. Mines the sore eyes/runny nose type of allergy so I put up with it until it settles and I take anti hist tablets all year round ( would have to take them animals or not because of dust/perfume etc etc allergies)
Only way to really tell is to visit and see what happens.. When I visited some Sphynx I thought I would be fine..I wasn't I was really bad but I had no problems at all with Rex's

RubbishMantra Thu 24-Nov-16 22:55:21

I have a Devon, but am not allergic to cats. He is amazing though, he managed to befriend my neurotic moggy. All hisses from resident neurotic cat were met with; OK, I'll leave you be and try later. Now they're the firmest of friends, and Little M (my Devon) goes to MCat for head washes. They get greasy ears though, but a weekly clean with an H2O baby-wipe sorts that out.

They need company though, be it a cat, dog, a person who works from home. They like an audience for their clownish ways.

Like Potential says, any decent breeder will encourage you to have a cuddling session re. allergies.

They are amazing cats though. Often described as a monkey wearing a cat suit.

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