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New cat - male or female?

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weaselwomble Wed 23-Nov-16 22:32:37

I have a 14 month old girl cat and am considering getting a second. Is there any reason why it should be a particular sex? I can't find anything online but most people I know have all girls / all boys.
Also will a kitten be OK or do you think she would take to an older cat better? She is not friendly to neighbourhood cats on the rare occasion she sees them, but I think that is limited exposure. I was thinking a kitten might make her maternal instinct kick in but I am probably wrong!
Thanks in advance, I have never had cats until we got her in January, so although I am trying to educate myself I may well be a bit ignorant if something is blindingly obvious to more experienced owners.

TuttiFrutti Thu 24-Nov-16 10:13:45

Choice of sex is up to you: I would say as a very general rule, males are more affectionate and more gregarious, and females tend to be shyer and wander less, but that is VERY general. I personally don't think the choice of sex will make a difference to how it bonds with your existing cat.

We have just got a new kitten with a 3 year old cat. It has been hard work as (predictably) our cat was furious at first. She growled, hissed and sat with her back to us for a long time.

Basically cats are solitary animals, and very territorial. But I read advice on the Cats Protection website, and kept them in separate rooms at first, and had a towel in each of their beds which I swapped over every day so they would get used to the smell of the new animal. Smell is their primary sense. This seemed to work, and after a week and a half our cat no longer growled when she saw the kitten, and they have even washed each other's faces now and curled up to sleep together.

So it can be done, but takes some patience.

weaselwomble Thu 24-Nov-16 13:05:21

Thank you. If we do get another it will be over the Christmas period when we are home more so we can help it incorporate. It will have its own room at first as you have suggested.
Good to know that the sex shouldn't make a huge difference, thank you

MsMims Thu 24-Nov-16 14:26:17

A rescue centre once told me they don't rehome more than a couple of females to one house. Despite having several more than a couple, I would tend to agree blush

All bar one of our boys rub along nicely with each other. The girls are more feisty and although it's generally peaceful, when there's a squabble it's usually female- female.

Obviously it does also depend on personality but I would go for boy- girl if only having a couple. Will you be rescuing from a charity? If you tell them what your existing cat is like they'll be happy to match a kitten up who hopefully will get along with her personally wise.

PlumsGalore Thu 24-Nov-16 20:33:38

Yes, totally agree with above poster. Don't get another female, cats are matriarchal and you may encounter problems introducing an adult female to an established female home. You would better with a younger male.

Voice of experience, took in a female stray age about four When I already had a female about three. Ten years later they still hate each other and cat number two moved next door until the lady got too ill to let her in and out so she reluctantly moved back home.

Both cats have their own rooms and there is a standoff if they meet in he hall.

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