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Do you think my cat knows I'm pregnant?

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TheNewWife Wed 23-Nov-16 16:50:03

You must think I'm nuts, I don't think for a minute that my moggie actually knows I'm 'with child' as such but these days he barely leaves my side. Like he senses some sort of change with me.
I have two cats, the other is exactly the same.
Anyone else experienced this with a pet?

TheNewWife Wed 23-Nov-16 16:51:00

Sorry, when I say 'the other is exactly the same', I mean the same as he always was, no change in behaviour.

Sparklingbrook Wed 23-Nov-16 16:55:29

When I was pregnant with DC1 my then cat wouldn't leave me alone either. I was convinced she knew. She would lie on my bump.
Plus she was soo good with the baby when he arrived.

Yamadori Wed 23-Nov-16 16:56:26

Yep. He knows.

BratFarrarsPony Wed 23-Nov-16 16:56:45

possibly yes.
I was dogsitting when I was pregnant and I am sure the dog knew, he was so protective.

FannyWisdom Wed 23-Nov-16 16:57:57

Of course they know, silly..
They were there at the conception staring at ya wink disapproving.

TheNewWife Wed 23-Nov-16 17:00:08

sparklingbrook it's good to hear she was so good with baby, I did wonder if there would be jealousy but if there's any reaction I think it'll be to hide from any crying!

I wonder what change they detect in us, very cute nonetheless!

TheNewWife Wed 23-Nov-16 17:01:55

FannyWisdom he's been known to continue lying on the bed throughout the whole proceedings so you're comment really made me laugh!

TheNewWife Wed 23-Nov-16 17:02:05


FannyWisdom Wed 23-Nov-16 17:06:16

My lovely Scrappy (pts at 15 his sister is still here) used to interrupt.
Really sabotage it..
If he heard any movement he would yowl and insist on going to bed.

In between us.
They know.

TheNewWife Wed 23-Nov-16 17:09:33

Haaaaa, if he interrupted he would have been slung out! Was weird enough being watched on some occasions!

FannyWisdom Wed 23-Nov-16 17:14:17

It really sounded like he was shouting "Stop that now" he thought I was his girlfriend..
Well my arm was his girlfriend at least, and it was abusive.

chemenger Wed 23-Nov-16 17:35:07

They definitely know you are pregnant, mine used to lie on my bump, I'm sure the babies could hear her purring.

OlennasWimple Wed 23-Nov-16 17:37:12

One of mine had no idea (but then he is hard of thinking, bless him). The other one definitely knew - rather than walking all over me in bed with a thousand hard paws he avoided standing or sitting on my belly

HandbagCrab Wed 23-Nov-16 17:38:38

Mine knows. With ds he started ripping up carpets and wallpaper when I got pregnant. This time he's being more soppy and spends a lot of time by my side. I think he's joined in with eating for two as well!

cozietoesie Wed 23-Nov-16 17:45:47

....hard of thinking....


TheNewWife Wed 23-Nov-16 19:28:40

Thank goodness he's better the 2nd time around! Definitely much better to have him affectionate than destroying furniture confused
I just can't believe how clingy my fur baby is being, I really do wonder what he senses different

glitterandtinsel Wed 23-Nov-16 19:36:12

My lovely little girl cat who was very spoiled knew. She would sit on my knee or next to me glaring at my bump with a look of utter disbelief that I'd done this to her. She still did it when ds1 was a baby and I'd feed him, we have photos.

glitterandtinsel Wed 23-Nov-16 19:38:00

Yes to being there at conception! She'd again sit and glare.

TheNewWife Wed 23-Nov-16 19:42:46


Crying with laughter here! Our feline friends are definitely capable of throwing some looks, I swear, it's like a death stare, especially if they've been lying on you and you need to move them to answer the phone/go to the loo etc.

I'm coming back as a cat in my next life, they've got the life of bloody Riley!

CatchIt Wed 23-Nov-16 19:52:08

Yes, both my horses knew I was pregnant. DHorse1 was a boy and he was always a bit gentler with me when I was pregnant with dd. He then had to be pts in April.

I was pregnant when I got dhorse2 who is a girl when I was pregnant with ds (which is why I can't have another child!) and she was so sweet with me too which is why I bought her.

Both horses were very, very sweet with dd and I have the worlds most precious photo of dd & dhorse1 having a cuddle. I miss him. sad

TheNewWife Wed 23-Nov-16 19:54:38

Awwww sending ((hugs)) catchit

Our pets become such a massive part of our lives/families

Rollonbedtime7pm Wed 23-Nov-16 19:56:56

One of mine did - he never sits on your knee and for a week before I tested he lay across my belly every night!

Was so weird, as soon as I knew he stopped! It was like he was saying "hello?! Do a test!!" grin

Watto1 Wed 23-Nov-16 20:00:06

WattoCat was alll over me when I was pregnant. Constantly underfoot. As soon as the dc were born he wouldn't give me the time of day!

TheNewWife Wed 23-Nov-16 20:01:52

Cheers all! I've been going to post about this for days as whilst he's always been an affectionate cat, he's now my constant shadow but I was so sure I was going to be laughed off MN!

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