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Can you have your cat put to sleep at home?

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Alex83 Tue 22-Nov-16 19:36:39

I hope I haven't upset anyone with the subject header, I didn't know what else to title it.

Our beloved, very special boy has just been diagnosed with FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) and we have been told there isn't a cure and he will need to be PTS to prevent any further suffering. We are devastated, he's only 7 and dearly dearly loved.

We want to have him PTS at home, in his own environment where he feels safe and comfortable, is this something most vet practices will do? If not, does anyone know of a service that will do this? We're in the south east. Cost isn't important.

Thank you, and again I hope I haven't upset anyone with this.

FannyWisdom Tue 22-Nov-16 19:40:52

Lots do but they can charge extra.

Check the prices.
(Some only charge the pts under £100 some charge £300.)
Sorry to hear he's so poorly.

Deux Tue 22-Nov-16 19:41:31

I know some vets do this. I'd suggest ringing your usual bet and ask if they can do a home visit.

My beloved 10 yo boy had to be pts in August. I did take him to the vets and it was only later that I realised I could have requested a home visit. Dear cat was sedated first. The vet was very kind but I found it incredibly hard.

Wishing you peace.

Fanofjapan Tue 22-Nov-16 19:53:38

We specifically asked that our dear dog be seen at home when she was very unwell. The vet and his nurse both came, and then we were given the awful news that she needed to be put to sleep. We had no choice but to have it carried out there and then. The vet and his nurse were so kind and respectful, and seemed genuinely sad. I would say it's worth every penny extra, and it was the best thing for our girl to be at home, with her own toys and smells and environment. We're in the South East too. So sorry to hear about your dear cat. X

LivingInMidnight Tue 22-Nov-16 19:54:53

So sorry sad.

Most vets will do home visits, I agree with Deux about ringing your usual vet. If they can't do it they might be able to tell you who can.

Alex83 Tue 22-Nov-16 19:59:12

Thanks everyone, I'm totally devastated and in shock. My husband has gone to collect our boy from the animal hospital, we'll keep him comfortable tonight and I'll ring the vet in the morning. We definitely don't want to take him in to the vets to be PTS, he's suffered enough already.

IlsaLund Tue 22-Nov-16 19:59:18

Yes - we had one Cat who hated travelling in the car so when the time came we paid extra to have the vet come to the house - in fact, we had his last few treatments done at home as we decided taking him in the car was too distressing.
As far as we were concerned it was worth the extra money,

IlsaLund Tue 22-Nov-16 20:00:19

Sorry Alex, I meant to say my thoughts are with you. It's never an easy decision to make

KindDogsTail Tue 22-Nov-16 20:01:43

I am so, so sorry flowers. How very sad that you have to say goodbye to your beloved cat.

Yes, you can. And you can have two injections, one so he won't know what's happening first, then the final one.

Badcat666 Tue 22-Nov-16 20:07:41

A few years ago we had one of our lovely boys PTS at home as he had an incurable cancer that would kill him eventually.

After lots of tests the vet told us PTS would be the only way forward as there was nothing he could do as the cancer was fast growing but told us to take him home for lots of fuss and love instead of keeping him at the vets or putting him down there and then. The vet came over 3 days later to put him down. The vet was amazing and never charged us for coming over.

gah! getting teary eyed just thinking about it.

LivingInMidnight Tue 22-Nov-16 20:21:09

bad what a lovely vet! That's the sort of person you know was meant to be a vet.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 22-Nov-16 20:35:58

Our dog was PTS at home and the vet was so teary she didn't charge. Lovely vet.


Badcat666 Tue 22-Nov-16 20:42:32


He has been our family vet since I was a teenager (god I had a crush on him, still do!) and is an amazing vet. Had to have my old girl kitty PTS this year, was an emergency and they fitted me in even though they were fully booked. Again he was so very gentle and lovely with her (and me, who was snot sobbing at this point). The nurses even made me a cup of tea!

Alex I hope your vet is able to come to you, even though it's terrible thing to go through you will be able to look back in the future and know your lovely boy was safe, stress-free and able to go to sleep where he is loved flowers

Alex83 Wed 23-Nov-16 06:22:55

Thank you everyone, I really hope everything goes ok with the vet when I call them this morning.

I've been up with him most of the night. He seems comfortable enough and is purring and drinking water, though feels quite cold and seems to be in some discomfort with his swollen belly and doesn't want too much physical contact from me. When do you know if it's the right time to have him PTS? I don't want to do it if there's another happy day left for him. If he's purring does that mean he's ok or not?

kinddogstail regarding the 2 injections, so if they only give 1 injection do they feel it? Does it hurt them?

Hidingtonothing Wed 23-Nov-16 06:41:59

I'm so sorry Alex sad I think I would be more inclined to make the decision based on his tummy discomfort than the purring to be totally honest. It sounds like you're giving him comfort and he knows he's loved and being cared for but if he's in pain I don't think I would prolong it. Feel awful saying that because I know I wouldn't want to say goodbye a second before I had to but it sounds like it might be best for him.

I can't answer your other question I'm afraid, I've only ever had the one injection with any of my animals and it's always been peaceful but I know in some cases the animal fights it rather than slipping away and I would guess the sedative would prevent that. Both of mine were so poorly I don't think they had any fight left in them and the vet probably knew that which is why the sedative wasn't offered. Be guided by your vet is probably the best advice, they will know what your boy needs. I know there's nothing I can say to make this morning easier but please know that I'm thinking about you, I really am so sorry.

DubiousCredentials Wed 23-Nov-16 06:52:47

Oh poor you and poor cat op flowers

Pretty sure cats purr when they are stressed or worried sometimes don't they?

I wouldn't leave him any longer if he was mine.

Alex83 Wed 23-Nov-16 08:39:36

I've just spoken to the vets and they're going to let me know what time they can do a home visit today. Is there anything I should be asking them for or anything I can do to make it as good for my boy as possible?

Thank you so much for the support, I'm at home with 2 DC under 3 today so just trying desperately to hold it together at the moment.

Hidingtonothing Wed 23-Nov-16 08:56:42

I think you're doing everything you can for him by keeping him in his familiar surroundings and being there to comfort him tbh OP. Is there anyone who could come and keep the DC occupied when the vet comes? Will be thinking about you and your lovely boy flowers

Northumberlandlass Wed 23-Nov-16 09:04:32

Alex - you sound wonderful & tears are welling up for you.

Diamogs Wed 23-Nov-16 09:05:44


Alex83 Wed 23-Nov-16 09:17:18

Yes my DH is going to come home from work when we know what time the vet is coming so he can watch the kids whilst I'm with my gorgeous boy.

kylesmybaby Wed 23-Nov-16 09:25:25

You sound like such an awesome owner. Much nicer that you'd like your cat to be at home and comfortable and the vet coming to you. Im sure the time you've had with your cat they have felt the love we can plainly see from all your posts.

Alex83 Wed 23-Nov-16 09:33:04

Thank you kylesmybaby that's some comfort, I hope he knows how much we love him.

mirokarikovo Wed 23-Nov-16 09:43:33

Hi OP. So sorry your lovely cat is so ill.

As pp have already reassured you the vets will certainly do this and it can be very calm and stress-free.

Sadly it isn't the case that his purring means he is OK. Cats in distress or pain can sometimes purr as a way of trying to comfort or soothe themselves.

My very elderly puss was pts at home when an inoperable tumour was found in his stomach. It was very sad but not traumatic. It's the kindest thing to do.

Alex83 Wed 23-Nov-16 10:54:18

The vet is coming at 1pm, I know in my heart it has to be today.

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