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Litter tray for Maine Coon

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TheABC Mon 14-Nov-16 19:48:55

If you have a maine coon (or similar large breed), what do you use? We have a fairly large, high sided box for our cat, but he sees it as a challenge to leave a layer of litter around it! DC2 is about to start crawling (it's a open plan house), so I am just wondering if there was an alternative? Most of the covered litter trays look too small.

Weedsnseeds1 Tue 15-Nov-16 08:22:50

Maybe you could put the current tray inside one of those big storage containers with the lid off and cut a "dip" in one end for access. It would help contain spillage but be less enclosed than a covered tray?

FuzzyWizard Tue 15-Nov-16 21:59:42

What about a top-entry box? I have a Maine Coon but a female so much smaller than a male. She uses a large covered tray with the door taken out. If she gets much bigger though I was thinking of switching to a top-entry box. They look roomier for big cats to me although I've never had one.

Toddlerteaplease Wed 16-Nov-16 14:10:03

My girls have a top entry box. It's huge! I bought it as they startled and would run out of the other one if someone came in the room when they were in it. It's brilliant at stopping litter going all over the place. Got it from zoo plus. £27. Overpriced but worth it!

ryderandthepups Wed 16-Nov-16 14:16:48

I have a large covered box but took the door off so his head can poke out. Mine was from Amazon. Previously I had a standard tray, poor boy could only get three legs in at once!

ryderandthepups Wed 16-Nov-16 14:26:38

Just googled top entry, never seen that before. Might get one of those...

StillMedusa Wed 16-Nov-16 16:24:41

I have the largest open litter tray I could find with a high side and put puppy pads underneath , partly as Obie has a tendency to stand IN the tray and pee over the side!
I am going to look at the top entry ones now!

3amEternal Wed 16-Nov-16 20:05:56

You want Ozpets

TheABC Wed 16-Nov-16 21:10:24

Thanks everyone. The top entry one reminded me of a cat tray ikea hack I have seen, allowing you to add in a tracking mat and deodoriser to the cat tray (placed inside a tall chest or window seat). So I am off to investigate that, this weekend...

TheABC Wed 16-Nov-16 21:18:25

coxsorangepippin Wed 16-Nov-16 21:24:24

I use one of those Really Useful Boxes designed to take hanging files

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