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Cat scratching around healed incision

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ittybittyluna Tue 08-Nov-16 12:19:47

Our poor old guy Humphrey had his eye removed about 8 weeks ago and got through recovery really well despite going on hunger strike and hating his collar. His incision has healed well and all dissolvable stitches have come out, we and the vet were really happy with his progress. He has been discharged.

Within the last week he has started to scratch above his missing eye (the baldy spot cats typically have between their ear and corner of their eye). It is irritated and has started to bleed slightly. You can just about see it in the photo.

While I am anticipating he will likely need the vet, he is incredibly grumpy and going to the vet stresses him hugely - they typically can't get near him. When he first arrived with us he had something similar on the other side, although less severe so I'm a bit stumped. That seemed to have healed within two weeks of arrival so we though it was a cut or something he had obtained in transit. While he was under GA the vet checked his ears and said they were clean so unlikely to be an ear problem.

Any ideas why he's decided to scratch (and continue scratching) that particular area? Anything we might try before bundling him into the box?

ittybittyluna Tue 08-Nov-16 13:01:23

After some googling I think it may be allergies as he has over the last fortnight started eating the food he was on prior to his op. Am going to change his food back to the eyewateringly expensive stuff he was eating after his op to see if we have any improvement.

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