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Sudden unwelcome gifts

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CountryGirl09 Tue 08-Nov-16 03:45:51

Enormous post, sorry! I have two 8 year old male cats. We don't have a cat flap and only let them out during the day. When they are out I leave the back door open and they have a litter tray indoors which they always pop back in to use, or they come in for a nibble of their food or a drink.

In the whole time we've had them they've never been hunters with the exception of CatA once catching a bird, which my neighbour observed and said was pure fluke and the cat then looked so shocked he didn't know what to do with it. CatB also likes to terrorise frogs in the summer but has only ever caught one once and he never killed it, was just playing with it on the grass outside (I intervened obviously!).

On Saturday I let them outside then popped upstairs for around ten minutes. When I came back down CatB was batting around a huge dead mouse on my living room rug! I was so stunned I grabbed the dustpan and brush, swept it up and rushed outside to chuck it behind next doors shed (not as weird as it sounds- their shed backs onto our wall and behind it is a kind of no mans land/dumping ground). I have no aversion to picking up dead mice as I regularly have to do this thanks to my neighbours four cats being pro hunters and leaving decapitated goodies outside my back door. I was just so shocked to see it in the house and was worried it might have been just playing dead (is that even a thing?!).

Initially I wondered if one if next doors cats had left this outside and he'd just brought it in, as I cannot imagine him just happening upon a mouse within five minutes of going outside in the middle of the afternoon. However, the following day they didn't go outside, yesterday I let them out and dud a quick dead rodent check on the path- all clear. After about a hour and a half it was bloody freezing and CatB was sat on the stairs looking shifty and CatA was inside eating his food so I decided to close the door. Dead mouse lying outside the door. I am certain this was CatB. DH suggested it could be the same mouse (?) but I'm sure it wasn't (size difference).

I know this is the nature of cats, but I'm stunned that after nine years and plentiful access to prey (we live very rurally) they would suddenly start doing this. We do have a 13 month old baby so they're not getting as much attention as they were used to but wouldn't this have started sooner if it was down to that? DH also wondered if they could have found a nest somewhere so easy access. Their usual MO is to mooch around our garden for at least half an hour after going outside before venturing next door, which us why it's even more odd that he brought the first mouse in so quickly after going outside.

How do I deal with it? Just dispose of the mice and ignore it? I'm really not keen on having dead mice in the house with a crawling baby and even less keen on having live ones!

Both mice were whole with no visible wounds. Do they die of a heart attack?

user1477282676 Tue 08-Nov-16 03:48:49

Aw. It's for the baby! grin They must feel the pressure of providing a good living for the family now there's a new addition. Bless them.

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