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MY normally chilled out boy has gone bonkers after his neuter operation. Is this a reaction to anesthetic.?

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MyCatIsABiggerBastardThanYours Fri 28-Oct-16 10:42:52

Or his he bloody seething at having his balls removed!

Seriously though, he had the op yesterday got home around tea time and was very sleepy. Then around midnight he started running around like a lunatic and didn't really stop all night. He is slowly calming down but still pretty bonkers.

I am waiting for the vet to phone back but in the meantime wondered if anyone had come across this before?

DownWithThisSortaThing Fri 28-Oct-16 10:56:42

Yes my girl did the exact same thing after she was spayed! We took her back to the vets and they said its probably her feeling out of sorts after the anaesthetic. She had a bit of swelling at the wound because she had been too active and pulled it, but it cleared up on its own. That's why we went back to the vets. Not sure if that's a risk for boys as with girls it's through their tummy. Hope he's back to normal soon!

cozietoesie Fri 28-Oct-16 12:42:06

All my personal boys have been the same. They start off seeming fairly normal but then I seem to spend a long time coping with completely stupid behaviour - doing stupid jumps for example or just pacing in places they shouldn't be pacing. They usually conk out at about 10.30 when I take them to bed and then sleep deeply through.

I don't think they actually noticed the op site much TBH. It was more of a them feeling odd and a sort of 'If you keep moving, they can't get you! ' smile

3amEternal Fri 28-Oct-16 14:35:50

Mine went a bit loopy with the anaesthetic, to the extent one clawed his mouth and needed a cone - the vet said he'd use a different anaesthetic next time. They also went loopy with analgesia. It does wear off thank goodness.

MyCatIsABiggerBastardThanYours Fri 28-Oct-16 17:38:52

Ah thankyou everyone. Seems it's relatively normal then.

I did speak to the vet who said the anaesthetic can make them euphoric. They just said he would be sleepy when we picked him up. I wasn't expecting a high moggy!

He had calmed down now and seems back to his usual chilled out self.

6cats3gingerkittens Fri 28-Oct-16 21:15:47

My girl was hyper active and reckless for hours. She never reverted to her former loving self either. I was, and still am, very cross that I wasn't warned that might happen. She has never been a happy cat.

GardenGeek Fri 28-Oct-16 23:35:50

Really! If so thats awful, sorry to hear that flowers

RubbishMantra Sat 29-Oct-16 01:15:56

Oh, 6cats! . I'm sorry.

Mine also went loopy, he leapt out of his carrier, ran up his 5' scratching post, spun around and ran head-first down it, squirrel like. He then went on to demand food all night, but we'd been told he could only have one small meal. My instinct was to feed him, small amounts and often, which was chicken Applaws, whizzed up with lots of water. I must have fed him at least half a dozen time that night.

Eventually, it got to about 1am, and he was still whizzing about. Luckily cozie was still up and about, and suggested we take him to bed and put a soothing movie on. Worked like a charm.

tabulahrasa Sat 29-Oct-16 18:06:03

Mine did that when she was spayed...literally running up walls randomly.

I put her back in the carrier, she had a sleep and came back out much more normal.

thegoodnameshadgone Sat 29-Oct-16 18:13:04

My girl and boy are both being done Tuesday so I will keep an eye on them!

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