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Cat can't jump. X-ray fine. Any Ideas please?

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GardenGeek Thu 27-Oct-16 21:59:34

GardenBoy dragged himself in earlier this week with wet eyes (been crying), a bad limp, numerous scratches, and lots of broken and bloody messed up nails. sad

Various theories such as fallen from tree, fallen from roof, clipped by car etc.

Took him to the vets and have had scratches checked, anti-inflammatories and an x-ray which came back fine.

His limp seems to be getting better but he just cannot jump. It is really sad to see him run up (as best he can with a limp) and put his front paws out to jump and propel himself forwards for the back legs to just stay completely motionless and he just falls flat on his face and skids along the floor. It is absolutely heart breaking. sad

He also tries to jump from sitting and I can see him getting ready but no jump comes, and he seems equally confused as we are to why he cant jump.

Also tries to jump from bed headrest and puts his front paws out to the come plummeting down to the ground.

Any ideas what could possibly be wrong because I hate to see him like this; and the vets have gone from bruised muscles to suspected pelvic injury and now with a good x-ray back now to bruised muscles (which just doesn't seem right to me). But please correct me if you believe it can be bruised muscle as I would love it to just be that!

Thank you so much in advance flowers

lljkk Thu 27-Oct-16 22:02:22

ligament injuries, very hard to diagnose without expensive scan equipment.

And even harder (more expensive!!) to treat.

How hold is your D-Cat?

lljkk Thu 27-Oct-16 22:02:28


GardenGeek Thu 27-Oct-16 22:13:51

Hes 1 and a half.

Oh god, I dont want it to be anything serious but I just know it is! He puts such effort into jumping and there is just no movement whatsoever.

GardenGeek Thu 27-Oct-16 22:15:02

Will a CT scan show it?

He has so much left of his life I am considering dipping into my FTB fund if insurance wont cover it.

cozietoesie Thu 27-Oct-16 22:52:30

It's really a specialist veterinarian one this, but I'd have to be suspecting some sort of nerve damage in the centre of his body because it sounds as if the messages from his brain just aren't getting through to both his back legs.

Is he using his tray OK? And what is his vet proposing?

cozietoesie Thu 27-Oct-16 22:54:34

Sorry - when I say 'centre', I don't mean deep inside.

GardenGeek Thu 27-Oct-16 23:14:52

Thats what I thought too;
only because it seems like jumping is a instinctive movement, like moving one leg and putting the other behind.

Its as if he starts the movement and then legs don't even try to move sad
But he's definitely sending the signals IYSWIM.

Vet is saying just give it a week and see it its OK. But thats what we did last week and then had an x-ray. Now its back to waiting again apparently.

This vet is apparently really good so I do want to persevere but I get the impression they think I am going all PFB on my cat and that he is 'not choosing' to jump as opposed to actually cannot jump.

There is a really expensive specialist in the region which I am considering if next week vets still are clueless.

GardenGeek Thu 27-Oct-16 23:15:15

And yes sorry he's using tray fine

reallyanotherone Thu 27-Oct-16 23:23:52

You know cats don't "cry" in the same way as humans don't you? It's a physical thing, not an emotional response.

It's been less than a week, he may still just be stiff and sore. Muscle soreness can take a couple of days to kick in.

I'd give him a little more time if he's had thorough tests and everything has come back normal.

GardenGeek Thu 27-Oct-16 23:30:23

Yes this is what DP is saying, that we should just wait and see.
You can tell I am not very good at that grin

Thanks for all the responses so far everyone, I have been reading about ligament & nerve injuries and they both have success stories online of cats recovering well smile Its very reassuring to read about.

Mistoffelees Thu 27-Oct-16 23:33:11

No advice but fingers firmly crossed for a speedy recovery for GardenBoy

TatteredOwl Thu 27-Oct-16 23:41:09

Definitely give this a couple of weeks, I think you'll find it's bruising

GardenGeek Fri 28-Oct-16 00:03:19

Oh I really hope so tatter

Thank you all for your kind advice. GardenBoy has been curled up in his carrier ever since we got home this afternoon. At least he is liking it in there for once smile

I wanted to take a picture but hes all dark in there, so no good.

cozietoesie Fri 28-Oct-16 00:28:40

Lots of heat for the lad. That will help him. smile

Botofspother Fri 28-Oct-16 00:48:14

We had a similar thing with our cat. She came in with no control over her back end, I thought she wasn't going to recover but she us back to about 98%. It took her a good 2-3 weeks to be able to jump again but she got there. Hope your cat is ok.

GardenGeek Fri 28-Oct-16 00:58:04

As in heating heat like near the radiator to make him all cozie? smile

I am so glad to hear about your cat, glad they got better. This has made me feel much better grin Thank you so much for sharing

<GardenBoy is in the background crunching away loudly on his kibble and drinking lots of water, so think he hopefully is recovering from his anaesthetic well>

cozietoesie Fri 28-Oct-16 12:46:53

Any good heat source. smile Fire, radiator, heating pad etc. It usually makes them feel luxurious - especially in winter weather.

GardenGeek Fri 28-Oct-16 18:49:19

Thanks cozie I will see what I can sort out.

I am being more hopeful about the bruising theory today. From the area which they shaved around one of his cuts I can see his little body has turned from very dark black and blue today.

Poor boy, it looks VERY sore but very pleased as well because fingers crossed this means this was the problem.

Thanks everyone, I will keep you updated.

GardenGeek Fri 28-Oct-16 18:50:14

typo - from pink to very dark black and blue

cozietoesie Fri 28-Oct-16 19:12:38

I'm guessing it was a vehicle of some kind, then?

GardenGeek Fri 28-Oct-16 19:49:18

I and 1 vet think it was a car and he used his previously excellent jumping to jump and get clipped or slide onto bonnet instead of getting run over.

DP thinks he fell off something, onto something which he couldn't land straight on.

One of two vets is convinced he fell out of a tree.

Tbh I don't think we will ever know but it is horrible thinking of him all alone out there injured and having to drag himself back home sad Poor little boy.

cozietoesie Fri 28-Oct-16 21:18:55

Poor lad indeed. But he got home. smile

GinAndOnIt Sat 29-Oct-16 09:46:49

Very similar happened to GinCat at the beginning of summer. He's an old boy - 10! But he came home limping (wouldn't put weight on one back foot) and all scratched up and looking really miserable and poorly. X-ray fine just the same as you.

He had the limp for ages afterwards. After about a week he was much better at putting weight down, but my great at jumping for weeks afterwards. In fact, only in the last few weeks has he been back to normal with the higher jumps - he was managing sofa height jumps before then though.

I think his delayed recovery was a mixture of age and confidence in jumping. We wondered if he'd jumped onto a barbed wire fence that has cut his feet, and made him nervous about jumping? Who knows!

GardenGeek Sat 29-Oct-16 13:12:50

Aww bless him gin glad he got better.

I think GardenBoy has sneaked outside while the dogs were out and now I cant see him sad

I am glad at least its daytime and hopefully the foxes wont be about. I have made the dogs stay in the garden in the hope that they scare any away.

Oh these fluff balls, so much stress!

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