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Cat insurance, pet plan...??

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MandyFl0ss Wed 26-Oct-16 10:49:48

I have two rescue moggies, one boy one girl, they are almost 7 months old now and I am looking for pet insurance or pet plan.... well, I'm confused and also a little shocked at the cost. Do you have any recommendations for me in terms of which policy would be best to go for? I guess what I am looking for is covering pet bills for unexpected issues such as illnesses and potential accidents? Many thanks all.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Wed 26-Oct-16 11:08:38

Harry is insured with Pet Plan and, while they aren't the cheapest, they were very good when we had to claim earlier this year. We've got a high excess because of his age but it still saved us a huge amount of money.

Whoever you go with make sure you get a lifetime policy so any ongoing illnesses are covered. I would also avoid any companies who are underwritten by RSA as they have a very short list of consultants who they will allow animals to be referred to (you can use others but there's an extra payment). Hopefully it won't ever happen though!

FunSponge82 Wed 26-Oct-16 12:10:10

As Pink said... get a lifetime policy and stick with them. The vet once told me never change pet insurance companies as the new company will not cover any previous ailments/illnesses.

Btw.. I am with animal friends. I took out a policy and 11 days after taking out the policy my cat was found in the garden and unable to bear any weight on his hind leg. It turned out he had fractured his hip in such a way that he had to have his hip joint pinned. £3000 later he was fixed.
I seriously thought that with the policy being so new they would somehow worm their way out of paying out. They didn't question a thing and I was paid out within 7 days of paying the orthopaedics bill smile

Toddlerteaplease Wed 26-Oct-16 12:17:02

Tescos. Much cheaper than pet plan. Only claimed once but it was very straightforward and they paid up quickly. Also used the vet phone for advice which was great!

PinkSparklyPussyCat Wed 26-Oct-16 15:31:29

My only reservation about Tesco (other than vowing never to use any of their insurance products after their car insurance!) is that they are underwritten by RSA. I don't want to be dictacted to about where I can take his lordship if he needs to see a consultant (we came close this year), especially as there are none on the list in my area.

InTheseFlipFlops Wed 26-Oct-16 15:45:23

I was with tesco when mine got run over and they weren't straight forward with the claim and weren't very good as it was a complicated claim as she went to an emergency vet and then a hospital. The limits were also restrictive - this was a while ago so they may have improved
I then swapped to more than and they were really really good, i had an almost equivalent life time illness cover as petplan. My only gripe was when they upped it hugely when my cat got old. But they were great with claims. So at that time i dropped the cover to a lesser cover (saved the difference in a savings account) with morethan on the basis that if anything major happened he was older and less able to cope so that would change my view as to what procedures i put him through.

New cat is with John Lewis, I've not claimed yet (touch wood!) but the cover looks as good as pet plan (i think the excess is less).

Look at life time cover and limits on the cover e.g lifetime cover with £1000 per condition is not what id personally look for (given my cats operation was over £3000). You want a decent amount and life time cover.

GardenGeek Wed 26-Oct-16 19:14:41

How is your cat doing now?
I say this as sadly I have a suspected hip injury on my hands from 2 days ago. GardenBoy can hobble and tries to jump but then falls straight over. Its very sad to see and waiting for an x-ray tomorrow morning.

Make sure you get lifetime as other pp have said. Its difficult because if you get a good cover the excess is quite expensive so wont cover random illnesses, rather saving it for the more costly accidents.

I know someone who have spent over £30,000 saving a pet, but most end up spending the amount a small second hand car c. £3000 for accidents requiring surgeries. Getting the best cover you can is best because if you cant afford it you will have to put your pet down. Think of it like that. How much will you pay her month for them to live. Its a horrific way to think of it but it does make you realise how important it is.

FunSponge82 Wed 26-Oct-16 20:41:26

He managed fine! He was part of the ministry of special walks grin and he was very cautious about jumping up and down from high places but he didn't let it stop him.
He was on cage rest for a number of week after the op and then try and curb his jumping for a week or two after that
Devastatingly we lost him in a RTA 3 weeks ago. Heartbreaking.
Hope your boy gets better soon! X

GardenGeek Wed 26-Oct-16 20:53:48

Oh no so sorry to hear about your boy sad
I feel my comment was really insensitive in the circumstance; so really sorry about that flowers

Thank you for your reassurance that he can still enjoy walking and carefully jumping after if it is the hip injury I suspect. I will find out tomorrow with x-ray hopefully what is wrong.

Sorry again about your boy flowers These fluff balls do steal all of our heart

FunSponge82 Wed 26-Oct-16 21:21:36

No offence/upset caused at all don't worry smile
Keep us posted on your boy! They heal very well and adapt to any change in their abilities almost overnight. I'm sure he won't let anything change his current lifestyle grin

GardenGeek Wed 26-Oct-16 21:34:39

Thanks fun, you are lovely and very kind smile

I will let you know how it goes. You have given me lots of reassurance grin

GardenGeek Fri 28-Oct-16 19:11:53

Hey fun,

GardenBoys journey to wellness is still ongoing, he had an xray and it came back as clear so the suspected hip injury is luckily not the case.

We are back to the suspected bruising injury, but the severity of his lack of mobility was freaking me out yesterday so I made a thread asking for other ideas.

This is the other thread of panic grin

Lots of PPs made me feel more reassured like you did.
Litter tray is excellent support network, so thank you again grin

FunSponge82 Sat 29-Oct-16 15:43:56

Hi Garden
Just read through the other thread and really glad to read it looks like (delayed) bruising, nothing a little time and tlc won't cure!
I hope he is back to his troublesome self in no time. I shall keep checking new thread for updates

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