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Little M growing chest hair!

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RubbishMantra Sat 22-Oct-16 21:46:30

He's all manly! He's got a little paunchy bald pink belly, and above that, a tuft of curly hair!

Also the points on his face have darkened, also his saddle - to a latte colour. He's approaching his third winter, and it's really interesting (to meblush) to see his colouring darken each winter.

I attempted to take a photograph of his "man hair", but it's difficult to manoeuvre a cat held in your arms like a baby and a camera at the same time. I'll post a photograph when I next have an opportunity. I'm hoping he'll grow his distinguished Victorian mutton-chop sideburns like last winter.

He's currently a beautiful mixture of colours, ranging between white, coffee, and dark chocolate!

I've made him sound like a dessert haven't I. grin

Toddlerteaplease Sat 22-Oct-16 21:55:56

He sounds positively edible. Went to ' the supreme cat show' today and was looking out for Devon Rex's as I wanted to stroke one. And to see if they are all as cute as Little M. Didn't find any. Found the bald ones and the Cornish Rex's though. But not the same. sad

ChequeOff Sat 22-Oct-16 23:52:53

<squeal> Little M is becoming Big M! We need photos when you're able to! <3

RubbishMantra Sun 23-Oct-16 01:50:53

Aah, Toddler, 'tis like stroking wavy silk! Little M was pink and baldy, with only a mohican along his back when he chose us.

Cheque, he's teeny, despite the fact he weighs more than MCat, (muscular non floofy breed) despite Manly Chest Hair.

He thanks you for the love smile

iloveeverykindofcat Sun 23-Oct-16 06:40:54

sniff sniff Little M is becoming a man! He must be solid muscle, he looks so little in pictures.

Toddlerteaplease Sun 23-Oct-16 19:14:17

Need pictures!

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 23-Oct-16 19:32:12

How long do they take to mature?

RubbishMantra Sun 23-Oct-16 21:20:37

Not sure Fluffy, but he was at his shag-bag from about 4 months. It was supposed to be a lovely sleeping bag type bed for him.

The darkening of his points is all to do with the Himalayan gene - One of the breeds Devons were out-crossed with were Siamese, hence Little M's blue eyes and colour patterns emerging properly after a few years, it's to do with heat/lack of.

His vet says he's at the upper weight for his breed, and to keep an eye on his weight! He has a cute little pink swingy belly though, and when he sits down, it looks like those tummy pouches that Emperor Penguins have to keep their eggs and chicks warm.

RubbishMantra Sun 23-Oct-16 21:38:50

Here's the most recent photo of him, asking MCat for head washes. Bad lighting though, Little M's coat isn't nicotine yellow, its more a sort of latte.

Will get a photo of his "manly chest hair" as soon as someone comes round to hold him like a baby.

Toddlerteaplease Sun 23-Oct-16 22:40:41

He objects to you referring to his fine manly physique as 'a swingy belly' and comparing him to a penguin is an affront to his dignity. grin

Toddlerteaplease Mon 24-Oct-16 09:45:15

I want a Devon Rex. Are they indoor cats?

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 24-Oct-16 12:25:33

It's his primordial pouch Rubbish! Well that's what I tell Harry anyway. Either that or it's his feet warmer when he's sitting down!

RubbishMantra Thu 27-Oct-16 00:32:07

Toddler, supposedly they're indoor bods, but I let mine out. As far as I know, he never leaves the (shared) tiny courtyard. Well he did once, but decided he wasn't keen. Instead he harasses the neighbours, who I've offered to buy supersoaker water pistols for, but they don't seem to mind him wandering into their houses. apart from one arse someone who knowingly bought a 'dog that hates cats'. Fair enough, but I insisted he stop feeding him Dreamies, and begged him to use the water pistol if Little M attempted to wander into his house

I would describe my curly beauty as on the spectrum. Immensely clever, but a tad naive.

They're not very 'cat', and seem to trust anyone and everything, and will attempt to befriend any life-form, even if poor tiny life-form dies from fright.

If you want a very friendly monkey-cat who likes to ride around on your shoulders, and will happily make friends with other pets, go for it! Mine sings and croons, instead of miaowing.

Pink, The Pouch definitely keeps his feet warm. Looks like a pink marshmallow sitting on his toes. grin

He's my amazing little alien cat. Steven Spielberg based E.T. on his childhood Devon. Can you see the resemblance?

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 27-Oct-16 00:36:02

Yes grin

Soooo sweet😺

Toddlerteaplease Thu 27-Oct-16 00:42:06

Omg I would love a cat that croons and rides round on my shoulders. Though he would be left for up to 14 hours a day. My pair of floofies are ok with that but not sure a Devon would be. He's just too cute!

RubbishMantra Thu 27-Oct-16 01:19:00

They get on well with other pets, Toddler. As long as they have company. Anything they can't scare to death with their friendly overtures. They may forget they're cats, but they're still a predator to small furries. They're like a species all of their own really.

I've just been greeted with a Wmoam-uhham, brrr.

How's Puccini getting on, Dame? Hope he's continuing his road to recovery. i think they should start a band, Little M loves to sing as well! grin

Toddlerteaplease Thu 27-Oct-16 02:27:16

Hmm I wonder how the furballs would take to another. They've been fine with short term foster cats.

HelenaDove Thu 27-Oct-16 02:54:18

Soooooooooooooo cute smile

iloveeverykindofcat Sat 29-Oct-16 12:17:35

One day you must record him speaking and upload it grin. Bibi speaks wonderfully, a huge range of expressive noises, but not very loud so it doesn't record well. Zara rarely meows but has a special whingey noise for when she wants something. My mother heard it through the phone and thought it was a child saying 'Muuuum!'

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