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Bargain Felix AGAIL at B&M

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LowDudgeon Thu 20-Oct-16 19:08:48

No idea how long for, but they have the boxes of 44 pouches - which are £10.99 at zooplus, or £10.50 if you buy them in 88s (ignoring any discount/cashback) at £8.99 for meat & fish, & £9.99 for just fish, which zooplus never have anyway.

They also do Doubly Delicious 12s at 3 for £9, & one of the other things at 2 for £5 - Kitten/Senior, maybe.

Puffinity Thu 20-Oct-16 21:35:47

Sounds good! What's B&M?

LowDudgeon Thu 20-Oct-16 23:02:35

Very cheap discounter

Bit like Home Bargains

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