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Velevet Mon 17-Oct-16 18:34:21

hi, my cat Sable is 18 now. she has recently lost a lot of weight, I think she started this by being depressed over the loss of my oldest cat at 19. when Zero passed she tried to climb in the box with her and cuddle. now I am really worried about her, and the worst thing is I cannot afford to go a vet as only receive Bereavement Benefit after losing my husband earlier this year.
I have been giving her small doses of Metacam just to make sure she is not in any pain, but how much is too much. I cant bear to think she is suffering. she wont eat anything and drinks only very small amounts. I think she I close to leaving me, and am prepared for that, but how can I help her? please can anyone advise me on what to do. thank you

Wolfiefan Mon 17-Oct-16 18:36:58

You need to see a vet. It could be a thyroid issue or something that means she is suffering and needs that suffering ending.
PDSA near you? Vet that would do a payment plan? You can't leave her to suffer.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 17-Oct-16 20:32:40

I would see if the PDSA will see her too, legally vets are obliged to treat and end suffering. I hope she gets better. You must look after them really well yo get them to 18.

cozietoesie Mon 17-Oct-16 20:42:50

If she's stopped eating, I'd guess, given her age, that she's very close. Try to contact a PDSA.

PosiePootlePerkins Mon 17-Oct-16 21:02:17

Hi. Sorry to hear this. When my old girl had to be put to sleep aged 18 I very much took the vet's advice. He said he always asks questions about their cat behaviour- are they still patrolling their territory? Are they still eating and drinking? Are their toilet habits normal? Do they still respond to you?
Sadly for us Molly was no longer doing any of these. She seemed to have shut down, and shut herself off from us too. She wasn't really the same cat anymore.
In our case she also had a heart murmur which had quickly deteriorated.
I understand how very difficult it is to make that decision, I was heartbroken.
flowers for you and your dear puss.

cozietoesie Tue 18-Oct-16 14:33:31

How is she doing?

Velevet Tue 18-Oct-16 20:01:59

Sable is still with me. she has been drinking a bit, but very tired. she is alert when awake and still knows her name. thank you for asking and will keep you posted

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