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The rancid smell of cat pee

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bikerlou Mon 17-Oct-16 17:52:30

Godammit I'm just about to let out the spare room for some extra cash and one of the cats has pissed in the corner.
i've aquavacced it three times, steam cleaned it, bleached it and it still stinks.
I can't get the smell out and I can't let the room in that state.
Has anyone got a recipe for removing this awful smell?

chemenger Mon 17-Oct-16 17:57:05

Bio washing powder in a very strong solution, soak the area and leave to dry then rinse. Or there is a spray from Pets at Home which removes it, someone who knows the name will be along in a second it's in a blue spray bottle. If it is carpeted you may need to lift the corner of the carpet and treat underneath. Both the washing powder and the spray need to be applied generously, you need to soak the area. Also get a cheap UV torch to check that there is no pee anywhere else (up the walls or on the curtains for example).

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