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Obesity diets and non-obese cats

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TheVeryHungryDieter Sun 16-Oct-16 20:52:16

I have 3 cats, all a very large fluffy indoor breed. They are 7 & 8 years old. One - the younger male - is obese at 6.4kgs, he doesn't run and can't jump. One is lean and fairly muscular at 5kgs and the girl cat is a petite 4kgs or less (she goes on steroids periodically, so it varies). Those two are playful, keen explorers and can and will jump on high surfaces - basically, normal cats.

The last time I brought Fat Cat to the vet I got a bit of a well-deserved lecture about his weight, and told I'd have to put him on a diet. I asked what to do when I have 2 other cats at home, and was told to feed him separately. I'm out of the house at work from 7.45am to 6pm and the cats currently have Royal Canin breed-specific dry food and water to graze on all day. But it's a very open plan downstairs and to feed FC separately I'd need to pen him into a small room like the utility or downstairs toilet all day while we are out. I do actually have the cat food and litter trays in that area at the moment and a stairgate to keep the DCs (age 1 and 4) out, but it is a small pen for Fat Cat without much to do (cat tree won't fit) and he can't jump the babygate or squeeze through it, so he sits and miaows pathetically until he's let through. I don't want to think of him sitting mournfully waiting for someone to release him from his prison for 10+ hours every day; that's not kind and he's not going to be any more active that way either.

I am not putting my normal cat food high up on the tables or kitchen counters (where FC can't jump); I don't want to encourage that behaviour from my non-fat cats.

If I change all of their food over to the diet food so he can still roam, would it be worse for the non-fat cats? Or would they do ok?

FuzzyWizard Sun 16-Oct-16 21:41:05

I suspect that just switching over to a food for obese cats will likely be fine for the others but I suspect that switching the foods in itself may not shift the weight off of fat cat if he can still eat unlimited amounts of food all day. Could you get a microchip feeder for the other two cats to use if you don't want to feed them up high?

lljkk Sun 16-Oct-16 21:51:17

guess U have to experiment.

Sympathies, I also have 2 fitties & one huge flubdub. I let flubdub just be his porky self.

TheVeryHungryDieter Sun 16-Oct-16 21:54:35

So did I lljkk but the vet really was very rude to me and I don't particularly want another dressing down!

I could get microchip feeders... but as they are indoor cats they haven't been chipped (yet; I'll probably do it before the summer as it's too cold for them to go outside now but as we've recently moved and have a nice big garden they will want to go out in the summer). So adding up the cost of microchips + specialist feeders for 2 or 3 cats is going to be pretty hefty!

lljkk Sun 16-Oct-16 22:01:06

is it really such torture if U shut him in a comfy room all day?
I shut my fatty outside for spells, long spells some days, away from the food bowl.

Sadik Sun 16-Oct-16 22:14:49

Presumably you'd only need one feeder (which you could programme to allow the 2 thin cats access)? Then you could leave a limited amount of diet catfood out for fatcat + others to eat until it is gone.

Chipping isn't that expensive at all, and if you're going to get it done next summer, it costs no more to do it now IYKWIM. It would also be top of my list just because of the cat-gets-out-jumps-in-car scenario, which I have known happen too many times (my friend has a cat delivered by TNT, not chipped, origin untraceable - fortunately she was thinking of getting a cat so at least he got a good home where he's loved).

iloveeverykindofcat Mon 17-Oct-16 07:10:30

I don't believe in special obese foods. Get them all on a high-meat, preferably raw diet with no carbs and set mealtimes. They will lose the fat they need to and the slim ones will maintain if you just give them a few more chunks. No free feeding. I'm a bit evangelical about raw because it saved my cats' life, but it is truly the best thing you can do for them. What you pay in food you save in vets' bills.

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