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kitten suckling on brother

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fudgesmummy Sat 08-Oct-16 19:13:58

We have 2 little 11 week old boy kittens. They are both healthy and eating well. In the last couple of days one of them keeps suckling on the other ones nipples, is this normal does anyone know? They are both purring and don't apear distressed

RubbishMantra Sat 08-Oct-16 19:40:06

How old were they when they came to live with you?

Then again, I've got a 6 year old who suckles the end of his tail.

I always find it strange that dogs don't do this, IME.

RubbishMantra Sat 08-Oct-16 19:46:11

*....and a ddDCat used to suckle on my ddDog. Not a nipple, but a benign growth. envy<-- NOT envy! DDog (Staffie) was very kind natured, and would just resign herself to it.

Mybeardeddragonjustdied2016 Sat 08-Oct-16 19:48:25

Get them a very very soft blanket or toys to peddle and suck on instead.

lljkk Sat 08-Oct-16 20:02:53

One of my kittens used to shag his brother (sigh). Was glad they weren't a Brother-Sister set at that point.

DramaAlpaca Sat 08-Oct-16 20:07:22

Our kitten, now an enormous ginger thing, used to suckle on one of DS's cuddly toys until he was about a year old. I think it's normal behaviour.

fudgesmummy Sat 08-Oct-16 20:12:23

thank you all for your replies. RubbishMantra they were 8 weeks old. we took them to the vet for a health check 2 days after they arrived and he confirmed their age, and proclaimed them fit and well

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