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Kitten not weaned fully?

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charlybs Sat 08-Oct-16 17:56:11

Hi all, I have a kitten who's a Bengal tabby cross - had her for a few days now and she's settling in very nicely - using the litter tray, playing and sleeping well. I'm told she was born on the 16 August.

Every now and again she will climb onto me and start purring, she'll paw me very intensively and shove her nose along my tummy, go for my armpits etc. like she's looking for something. I'm wondering if this is behaviour reminiscent of feeding from her mother and I'm worried she was separated from her too early.

Should I encourage it as a bonding thing, should I discourage it and show her the food and water bowls? I feel bad that I'm not her cat mum and can't give her what she's looking for but want to do what's best!

RubbishMantra Sun 09-Oct-16 16:49:14

So came to you at around 8 weeks? That is early, recommended age is 12-13 weeks.

I'd say it's a comfort thing, and she sees you as her new mum. If it doesn't bother you, just let her do it. It doesn't mean she's hungry, just relaxed with you and bonding. Has she got a nice fleecy blanket to snuggle into for when you're not able to sit with her?

She's a pretty little thing, isn't she? smile

charlybs Sun 09-Oct-16 16:58:10

Thanks rubbish I appreciate your reply. Yes we did a fair bit of research before getting her and knew it was a bit young but to be honest, when we saw the home she came from we thought taking her might be the kindest thing - was tricky as don't want to encourage the owner to breed but the living arrangements seemed far from ideal but short of reporting.

I will happily let her carry on then, in all other respects we've got no concerns at all and the vet's appt for all the necessaries in a week!

ButteredToastAndStrawberryJam Sun 09-Oct-16 17:02:38

My cats around 10yrs old and he still suckles his blanket.

Janey50 Sun 09-Oct-16 17:13:17

Our cat was about 4 months old when we got her. She's now 4 years old and behaves in a similar manner to what you have described. She kneads any soft part of our bodies she can access,and sucks woollen clothing,drooling as she does. I wouldn't worry too much tbh,if you are happy to let her do it. It's her way of bonding with you. My late DM had a cat who would suck her back paw when she curled up to sleep. We said we should get her a baby's dummy! Your kitten is gorgeous btw. I want her.

justaweeone Sun 09-Oct-16 17:20:39

One of our cats when he was a kitten used to do that on one of our Labradors neck!
He might still do it in the night as they all sleep in the boot room together.

justaweeone Sun 09-Oct-16 17:20:51

One of our cats when he was a kitten used to do that on one of our Labradors neck!
He might still do it in the night as they all sleep in the boot room together.

RubbishMantra Sun 09-Oct-16 17:25:38

Is the mother cat who's a Bengal,? If so, I hope the pregnancy was an accident, and they're not using her as a breeding machine. To breed from pedigree cats they should be on the GCCF breeding register. My breeder would only sign Little M's pedigree papers to me once I'd proved he was neutered.

The fact she's breeding from a pedigree, most likely not on the breeding register (sold as a pet), says back street breeder to me. They know nothing about breeding, and use their cat to make money. And taking into account that you said the conditions were less than ideal...

GertrudeBelle Sun 09-Oct-16 18:01:17

I've had two bengals both of whom padded and suckled (particularly woolly things) into their old age.

I think it's a thing with oriental breeds.

charlybs Sun 09-Oct-16 18:01:52

Thanks everyone really glad we don't have to worry about her - as long as I'm wearing a thick enough top I don't mind!

Rubbish potentially - we saw the mum but I'm not sure her markings were that of a pedigree. Definitely had Bengal in her though. We weren't shown any papers or anything to prove her pedigree. We felt uneasy, but the owner seemed nice and welled up when we took our kitten so wondering if it's just ignorance? Or I'm dead naive. Probably that!!

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