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Oops, I may have just acquired another cat

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Booboopidoo Fri 07-Oct-16 00:26:41

DH spotted her on one of the local selling pages and showed me her picture. I would normally steel myself, say no firmly and try not to think about it anymore but he caught me in a weak moment. We've arranged to go and meet her tomorrow.

Now I'm worried we're doing the wrong thing, the reason for selling her seems genuine (older cat has taken a dislike to her) but you can never tell. She's 6 months old and not yet neutered, I'm not naive enough not to consider the seller may want rid because she's pregnant. Not ideal but something we could deal with if we had to, hope she's not though she's only a baby herself.

Biggest worries are will my old boy take to her, he's pretty adaptable and tends to like females but don't want him unsettled. Will she cope in our madhouse, two dogs who definitely know their place with cats (old boy is the boss) but are quite lively and DD(8) who has been trained well with animals but is beside herself at the thought of a new kitten. It will be an upheaval for poor kitty wherever she's goes I know (and she could go to worse people being sold on FB poor love) but I hate the thought she might be scared here at first.

She will have a good home with us, we're kind and responsible but I'm having the same wobbles I always have when we take on a new pet. Will we be right for her? Will she be right for us? Talk me down please, she's gorgeous and I know I will love her but I'm not going to sleep a wink tonight.

thecatneuterer Fri 07-Oct-16 01:57:47

Forgive me for not addressing everything - but I've taken a sleeping tablet and am just nodding off.

Anyway three things jump out at me here for comment.

If they have a genuine reason for not being able to keep her then why the hell are they asking for money? They should be concentrating on finding her the best home. Giving money to anyone for a cat encourages people to acquire yet more cats to sell, either through breeding, which is of course irresponsible, or through theft or equally dodgy means.

However, if you do take her, then at least you will get her spayed.

If you do take her, and she turns out to be pregnant then, unless she is very, very heavily pregnant, most vets would do a spay/abort which would be the best option all round.

Booboopidoo Fri 07-Oct-16 02:31:43

Thanks Thecat, she was originally advertising her FTGH but people on the page were commenting saying she should ask for something to ensure a good home, it's a nominal amount and, although I agree with you in principal, I do think the seller is genuine.

I wouldn't normally go this route at all tbh, all my other animals have come from reputable rescues but this one got to me, I dread to think where she might end up if I don't take her.

I'd already had the same thought about an existing pregnancy, will get her in for a vet check asap and book her spay if all is well. I've been around rescue too much to leave any animal uneutered.

Any chance you could chuck a sleeping tablet my way please, I just know I'm going to be awake all night overthinking this! I'm not sure it's normal to worry so much about whether it's right to take on another animal but I'm the same everytime blush

Booboopidoo Fri 07-Oct-16 02:33:57

You can probably see why I couldn't resist temptation smile

thecatneuterer Fri 07-Oct-16 08:31:54

Just been woken up. When you mention fish it just rang alarm bells. If by any chance the seller is in London E7 pm me, as she is one of the criminal sellers (that is the right word here) that I was talking about. She also sells fish so it just made me think. I realise it's very unlikely ....

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