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Anyone had or treated a cat on chlorambusil?

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Vinorosso74 Wed 05-Oct-16 16:47:15

Our cat has been given this as she has been having soft/runny poos and just wondered if anyone had experience of a cat having taken it? Did they have any obvious side effects? We have to take her check her blood cell count after 10 days.
So as not to drip feed we have done vitamin B12 injections (she was deficient) and used Panacur in case it was giarda parasite. Seems likely it's a flare up of her IBD but she is perfectly happy in herself.
She was referred to a specialist vets last year and had surgery to clear her bile duct and remove her gallbladder and was diagnosed with triaditis. She has since become diabetic which was likely as her pancreas is badly damaged.
Due to the diabetes steroids aren't really an option and we're having a bit of trouble getting the diabetes under control which our vet and specialist think may be due to the poo situation.
Anyway as I say did any cat have any obvious side effects?

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