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Our new addition and we're all smitten!

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Jetcatisback Wed 28-Sep-16 11:57:08

Our lovely new rescue cat, came home yesterday and spent the night hiding behind the tumble dryer. Popped in to the futility room just now to check on food and water, found him back in his box. I even got a little stroke and purrs grin

allsfairinlove Wed 28-Sep-16 12:21:44

He's got the best "Emporer" expression on his gorgeous furry face! grin

Congrats OP, lets us know how he settles in

thecatneuterer Wed 28-Sep-16 13:27:26

He's lovely. He's got a Phantom of the Opera face.

chemenger Wed 28-Sep-16 13:34:36

He's lovely, this is what Thecatneuterer's Edgar will look like when he's clean and vetted. I want a black and white cat.

RoastChickenDinner Wed 28-Sep-16 17:12:27

His look says "I am plotting to take over the world puny human. It's just a matter of time" grin

iklboo Wed 28-Sep-16 17:14:37

Lovely puss cat. Also loving the autocorrect of 'futility room'. That's DS's bedroom & tidying thereof grin

PosiePootlePerkins Wed 28-Sep-16 21:14:45

Oh he is a handsome chap!

PinkSparklyPussyCat Wed 28-Sep-16 21:17:50

Black and white cats are the best!

CrazyDuchess Wed 28-Sep-16 21:21:15

He looks like my babies

FuzzyWizard Wed 28-Sep-16 21:43:08

Lovely. What a sweet-looking chap. I have that same carrier and my rescue cat who came home 6 weeks ago still loves to sleep in it. It's one of her favourite places.

ozymandiusking Wed 28-Sep-16 21:48:31

Iklbboo, It's called the "futility room" because everything you do in there is futile!

Jetcatisback Wed 28-Sep-16 21:54:47

Thanks all, he is rather fabulous grin He's being very brave as well, as he is rather timid and anxious - he was the cat with the longest residency at the rescue, hence why DD chose him.

However, today (only came home yesterday) he has been happily groomed while purring, came out from his hiding place behind the tumble dryer and has allowed DD to give him a treat. I think I'll see if he wants to come in to the kitchen tomorrow smile

Jetcatisback Wed 28-Sep-16 21:56:59

fuzzy I bought the carrier from the rescue centre as they'd had it donated. I'm hoping that he will eventually feel safe enough to leave it, but for now he's happy in there. Does the odd venture in to the cat bed though smile

cozietoesie Wed 28-Sep-16 22:02:07

How long was he at the rescue?

Jetcatisback Wed 28-Sep-16 22:05:29

Since last November, he's 2 1/2

FuzzyWizard Wed 28-Sep-16 22:10:21

Wow! That's a long time at the rescue for such an adorable cat. So pleased he's got a good home now!

crazymissdaisy Wed 28-Sep-16 22:22:41

What a lovely face, he looks almost smug to have found you! What are you calling him? he looks like an Oscar!

Jetcatisback Wed 28-Sep-16 22:27:25

We are keeping his name, it's unusual so don't want to out myself by posting, but I do like Oscar smile

crazymissdaisy Wed 28-Sep-16 23:01:19

Awesome green eyes too - suffering cat envy as my companion cat (catpanion? can that be a word?) was out by the time I got in from work.

buckingfrolicks Wed 28-Sep-16 23:09:36

I want another cat, seeing him. Lovely boy.

problembottom Wed 28-Sep-16 23:10:32

That's so sad that he was in the rescue for so long, well done you and DD for giving him a lovely home.

EstelleRoberts Wed 28-Sep-16 23:15:31

He's gorgeous! I'm so pleased for him that you have given him a lovely new home, and so pleased for you that you have such a beautiful cat!

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