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Soon2bC Wed 28-Sep-16 09:28:06

I have recently adopted 2 kittens who have been flea treated with Advocate. I can get this from my vets but have been advised I can get it online cheaper (leaving more money for treats)
does anyone else use this and have any idea where i can get it? I dont want to end up with an inferior / fake product.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Wed 28-Sep-16 18:28:12

I think Advocate is prescription only so you can't just buy it online. You would need a prescription from your vet first- I don't know how much that costs as I buy ours from the vet.

WeAllHaveWings Wed 28-Sep-16 18:42:28

You will heed to ask your vet how much they charge for a prescription (and appointment if they insist before giving prescription) before you know if its cheaper to buy online.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 28-Sep-16 19:39:12

Our vets charge around £8 for prescriptions. Then I bought it online, it worked out about £4 per month.

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