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Play fighting kitten scaring my 5yr old.

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CosmicOwl Mon 26-Sep-16 22:45:10

My 6 month old kitten is a big softy, loves cuddles and company. He does however have the usual scatty cat moments and has a tendency to jump on my Dd2, she runs away which he then sees as a game and chases her. Due to this she is becoming a bit scared around him.

He doesn't do this with my other Dcs or us, so think it's either because Dd2 is the smallest, that he can sense she's a bit scared or if he just thinks she wants to play!

Obviously if I'm around when it happens I either pick him up, make a loud noise to stop him or move Dd2, but not sure what to do long term to deter him. It's getting to the point Dd2 doesn't want to be in the room with him. He hasn't been neutered yet, getting that done next month, do you think that might help calm him down a bit?

I'm off to bed now but would love any advice. Thanks!

SecretNutellaFix Mon 26-Sep-16 22:50:51

Have you shown her some videos on you tube about kittens playing? There are lots of documentary stuff out there that's suitable for young children, also the cats that do have behavioural issues get made "better".

GardenGeek Tue 27-Sep-16 02:28:02

Dw, it scared me as mid-20s. It is scary!
He needs neutering asap.
Mad kitten will phase out when he goes outside and by 1 he will be fine.
Obviously if he's not neutered he cant go outside and the process will be much longer.

Good luck

CosmicOwl Tue 27-Sep-16 17:10:04

Thank you! Yes, he hasn't been allowed out yet so hopefully once he's neutered and heading out to run off some energy he'll calm down. He's booked into the vets two weeks today so guess we'll soon see.

werekitty Tue 27-Sep-16 18:45:19

Have you got a flying frenzy that she could distract him with, so he chases that rather than her?

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