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Anyone ever used a cattery?

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EachandEveryone Thu 22-Sep-16 14:32:56

My girl will be seven months when I go away for five nights in November. I'm just putting it out there really. Before anyone says I shouldn't have got her if I have no one to look after her like the person that said I shouldn't work night duty I have a neighbour a cleaner who will change her day and a flat mate who is there on and off so plenty of back up. It's just incase really. I rang the cattery up and it's ran by an Irish woman who seemed perfectly lovely said they are fed three times s day and entertains however when I saw the website it looks like they are basically put in a cage? For £8 a day I couldn't really expect anything else I just wondered if anyone had used them and had a good experience?

cozietoesie Thu 22-Sep-16 14:36:26

Catteries can be just fine but you really do have to go round and see them yourself. I take it you haven't actually visited?

mintthins Thu 22-Sep-16 14:38:21

Yes we have used a cattery many times. It's fine, and only for a few days. We once had to have ours in for 3 months and they did get fat, but they gots lots of love when they were in there.

We are now able to use a vet nurse who comes into our home to feed and love them (and give medication) when we go away. I think we all prefer that option, but honestly the cattery may be fine.

ClaudiaNaughton Thu 22-Sep-16 14:40:21

Vets may recommend local catteries. We found ours that way.

AnotherEmma Thu 22-Sep-16 14:42:58

Most cat owners go away from time to time, I don't think anyone is going to have a go at you about that!

We've put our cats in catteries since they were about 4 months old. Yes they are effectively kept in a cage but the advantage is that you know they are safe and being looked after. Obviously some catteries are nicer than others - most allow the cats access to a small amount of inside and outside space. We found one with pens in a garden so the cats have a view, at least - they can watch birds etc.

Recently when we've been away, we've left the cats at home and just had a neighbour pop in to feed and check on them once a day. The cats often go in the neighbour's garden so that reassured us as well.

The solution you go for depends on your cat and what you think they'd be happiest with, but with such a young cat I would be tempted to go for the cattery option to be on the safe side.

Yawnyawnallday Thu 22-Sep-16 14:48:07

We use a cattery that's lovely- not some cat piss smelling she'd. The individual rooms have loads of levels and a floor to ceiling climbing/scratch post. We leave her food, we get regular videos and photos. They play with her and she has loads of hiding/climbing and chilling places. We can bring fave blankets and toys for her.
Obviously the cattery owners know what sells but I have no complaints. She's well cared for by the ex veterinary nurse who owns the place.

Yawnyawnallday Thu 22-Sep-16 14:50:17

Shed not she'dgrin

icandoscience Thu 22-Sep-16 14:54:02

I put my cat in the cattery every time I am away for longer than a couple of nights - the first time he went there he had just turned 1 and I left him there for 2 weeks like the bad kitty mother I am. He's always been fine, where he goes they are in a pen but it has a heated indoor bit which gives them privacy, and an outdoor bit where they can see the garden and the other inmates. For me it just saves the worry about the small furry one running off and getting lost if friends/neighbours were looking after him (we don't have a catflap and he's a right wimp with strangers). He's always a bit needy for a day or so after I collect him but no lasting trauma!

Go and visit, they'll be happy to let you have a look round. £8 a day is a bargain, my local ones are all £10-11! Oh, and you will need to have your cat's vaccination card showing jabs are up-to-date if you do book her in.

Sillyshell Thu 22-Sep-16 15:49:08

Our cat has always gone into a cattery whenever we go away, we dont have a cat flap and she really hates strangers so a neighbour coming in would upset her even more.

I dont like it and always feel guilty but we are allowed a holiday every now and then smile Some are better than others so visit a few before hand if you can. We have used the same one for the last 3 or 4 times so she gets used to it and always comes back quite happy and very shiny, I think they must give her a good brush!

EachandEveryone Thu 22-Sep-16 15:49:15 its a ten minute walk from my house. She wont be neutered by then but due. I have made an appointment to visit. Its just a thought. Last time i went away for a wedding the neighbour did go in and borrow my hoover but its that thing about not wanting to take advantage and i know its best to use the cattery when thet are young. What do you think that one looks like?

ShotsFired Thu 22-Sep-16 15:55:03

I am having similar wobbles (posted here recently). We're putting our cat in one later this year for a few days, as a test run for a longer stint in 2017.

Ours is an older girl though, and I don't think she's ever been cattery'd before we got her either. She won't like being confined much, but hopefully she'll just sleep most of the time! She'll go in with her own blanket and bits and bobs too.

I second the visit, and go with your gut feel. I originally booked one place, but it didn't sit right. I then visited the second one and felt much better about it - the lady has run the business from her home (the cattery is in her garden) for a few decades and she is a cat lover. We saw cats in there and they were all pretty chilled and relaxed.

OlennasWimple Thu 22-Sep-16 15:56:50

It's daily rate is lower than others because you supply the food, but I'd be very happy with that!

You need to go and view it - that's the only way you will know if you would be OK with it or not. We like catteries where the people working there clearly love cats, and are confident handling them.

80sWaistcoat Thu 22-Sep-16 15:57:02

Go and have a look - you'll get a feel for it then. The best one I used had opaque screen so the cat's couldn't see each other, little carpets of grass for them to eat and menus of food.

Knockmesideways Thu 22-Sep-16 15:58:41

I used to use catteries all the time when I last had a cat and will again (we've just got a rescue cat).

Our rescue cat spent three months in a pen as she was pregnant when she was taken in and we got her when her babies had reached 10 weeks plus and were going to new homes. She seemed pretty happy there. So a pen in a cattery won't phase her.

My last cat, apparently, had a bit of fright when a thunder storm started during the week he was in the cattery we'd chosen - lovely place, lots of high places, solid walls to the lower half of the pens so the cats weren't spooked by each other, underfloor heating. Anyway, the owner heard him yowling with the storm and went and sat with him until morning - from 3am! That's dedication!

SoupDragon Thu 22-Sep-16 15:59:46

FatCat goes into w cattery for 2 weeks when we go away in the summer. I do have leaving him in, as you say, a "cage" but it is the safest place for him to be and thus is worry free. I had a neighbour look after FatCat and our other cat once - other cat ended up in a cattery as she had an eye problem les and FatCat disappeared for 3 days!

The cattery he goes to has heated pens in the garden with free range chickens wandering about to torment the cats and has some sort of talk radio playing during the day so there is noise. It was recommended by the vet which is conveniently located next door and the owner is a fosterer for the cats protection league or another charity.

problembottom Thu 22-Sep-16 16:23:15

I found a lovely cattery in the countryside, bit of a drive but he loves it. The owners tweet us videos and he's always purring like a train in them. Slightly alarmed to see how many Dreamies he gets daily but as long as he's happy!

AnotherEmma Thu 22-Sep-16 17:30:00

I would love a cattery that sent photos and videos. The cattery we like to use is run by a crazy cat lady so we are confident that she looks after them well, it would just be nice to actually see how they're doing!

Come to think of it when we left the cats at home (with just the neighbours popping in) boy cat did disappear for a bit - they think he got stuck in another neighbour's garage sad We worked out that he couldn't have been stuck for long, so it wasn't the end of the world, but still confirms that they would have been safer in a cattery.

The longest we left them in a cattery was just under 2 weeks and boy cat got fat but he lost it pretty quickly afterwards!

AnotherEmma Thu 22-Sep-16 17:39:00

It would be better to get your cat neutered before she goes to the cattery, btw. Our female cat was neutered at 5 months.

EachandEveryone Thu 22-Sep-16 17:42:12

The vet said between six and seven mnths which is right when im going. Id feel bad getting her done and then going on holiday.

AnotherEmma Thu 22-Sep-16 17:58:44

"Traditionally male and female cats have often been neutered at six months of age, but this is after many cats reach sexual maturity and not based on any scientific rationale. For social, health and population control reasons, it is now recommended neutering should routinely take place at around 4 months of age."


"Puberty usually occurs at around five to eight months in cats, although it can happen as early as four months depending on the breed of cat. We recommend neutering both male and female cats from an early age. However, it is important to note that the vet responsible for your cat will specify when they are prepared to carry out the neutering operation - usually at around four months. Cats Protection’s current policy is to neuter pet cats from four months and ferals from weaning age."


Fluffycloudland77 Thu 22-Sep-16 20:52:34

What do those pens overlook? I went to one where they stared at a wall all week.

The one we use overlooks a stable.

catlover1987 Fri 30-Sep-16 23:56:23

There are some fantastic catteries out there but also some really bad ones so make sure you take time to research and visit a few. The one we use is more like a cat hotel. The cats each have their own room with a tv and bunk bed. It's £14 a night but the staff are fantastic. The first one we used wasn't so good and our poor kitty came home poorly.

EachandEveryone Sat 01-Oct-16 17:03:46

Was that in london though? Mine craves noise and company. Shes really sociable. Im up in the air about it.

Bustle Sat 01-Oct-16 17:16:44

Definitely go and look. We dropped in on a few that looked good from their websites - in one all the security doors were propped open whilst she cleaned, and her 2 year old granddaughter was poking the cats through the bars with a stick shock and another had a dog running around the outside of the cages tormenting the cats (and crapping on the footpath as I discovered too late). Our local one is lovely, run by a vet nurse with her own cats but you have to book about a year ahead to get in!

HoobleDooble Sun 02-Oct-16 18:03:18

We're in Derbyshire and use a cattery that's run by a mad cat lady who also has a cat rescue centre (the cattery funds the centre). My girl stays in a log cabin with a full sized single bed (complete with duvet), a flat screen telly, her own little sun room to bask in and maid/room service bringing treats and as much fuss as she can handle. For a small extra payment you can have a webcam link to check on your cat while you're away. I am totally confident she's in the best hands.

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