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Kitten-visiting for family member on holiday. How often/how long?

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roundandroundthehouses Thu 22-Sep-16 13:12:28

Looking for advice from owners of more socialised cats than my own. I've got a grumpy elderly lady who came to us as a semi-feral young adult. She's never been much of a 'people' cat as a result. When we go on holiday we just ask our neighbour to feed her, and as long as this happens she doesn't give a shiny one about whether we come or go.

My dn and his family are going on holiday in a few weeks' time. They have a kitten who will be 5 months old at the time. Again, they've asked their neighbour across the road to pop in and feed him, but have also asked me if I'd mind going round 'a couple of times' while they're away (it's for a fortnight) to keep him company. He's a lovely boy and I'd be delighted.

However, I'm wondering how much company he'll need? They live 10 miles from me so it isn't a question of just popping in. But I'm worried that 'a couple of times' over a fortnight might not be enough for such a young animal, who's used to a busy family home with young children and by all accounts is very attached to them. He currently only gets left alone for a couple of hours, once a week, and he isn't allowed outside yet. What amount of visiting would you recommend?

OlennasWimple Fri 23-Sep-16 02:42:07

how long / often will the neighbour be going in?

They need daily stimulation, not least to stop them deciding that the sofa/ curtains / carpet are more fun for their little claws than any of their toys. If I had the chance to play with a 5mo kitten I'd be round there all the time... grin

roundandroundthehouses Fri 23-Sep-16 10:27:20

Good point - not sure how often the neighbour will be visiting. Presumably a couple of times a day, but I'll ask. I'd love to go round every evening and spend hours there grin, but life sadly doesn't permit. But I know I'll be worried about him if there are any nights when I don't!

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