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New kitten

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StandoutMop Wed 21-Sep-16 16:26:15

Getting kitten (who am I kidding, we'll end up with 2) this weekend.

Have litter tray, feeding bowls, will get food when know what they've been eating. Anything else we need?

Reluctant to buy a bed as none of my childhood cats slept in their official bed ever - would a cosy cardboard box and blanket be ok? Can they share (will be siblings) if we take 2?

Any other top tips and advice?

Thanks in advance.

Toomanykittens Wed 21-Sep-16 16:42:35

Maybe some toys and a scratching post. Two kittens entertain each other, especially if you have to leave them on their own for periods.

chemenger Wed 21-Sep-16 16:44:24

Two kittens will be fine in a box with a blanket. Two is always better than one.

cozietoesie Wed 21-Sep-16 16:55:06

A box with something in it is just fine - Heck, they might even decline that in favour of somewhere else that takes their fancy! grin

Clearmeoutchook Wed 21-Sep-16 16:56:10

Don't bother with a proper scratching post, none of my cats have ever used them. I recommend one of those 'foamy' garden kneeling mats from the pound shop, my cats love them, they claw-up a treat & dirt cheap too.

StandoutMop Wed 21-Sep-16 17:18:19

Thanks all. I have three children who will be pretty good kitten entertainers but will get a toy or two to help them along.

Only downside to this I can see is I may have to move the wine rack to make space for kitty stuff.

cozietoesie Wed 21-Sep-16 17:21:38

Nah. That's probably where they'll decide to sleep! grin

TroysMammy Wed 21-Sep-16 22:13:48

You also need a camera to show us pictures of your kitties.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 22-Sep-16 02:43:44

Squeeeeeeee. Kittens.
You must be really excited. I think you have it almost covered, apart from kitten toys abs and a clock so they think it's mummy's heart beat.
Please post pics of your gorgeous new additions.

thehugemanatee Thu 22-Sep-16 03:15:17

Two kittens is much better than 1. I usually get cats in pairs smile

Broken1Girl Thu 22-Sep-16 05:02:56

Agree with pp, get some toys. I recommend scratch sofas, like so, this was 2.99 from Tesco.
Remember a poop scoop and nappy/ sandwich bags.

StandoutMop Thu 22-Sep-16 20:05:21

I will share photos, promise. Fingers crossed choosing and collecting them Saturday morning so watch this space...

stubbornstains Thu 22-Sep-16 20:58:35

Ooh, I clicked on this thread because I came on the Litter Tray to post something very similar!! grin.

Have made an appointment with a lady to go and view 2 tortie females excited! But I feel very rusty- I haven't had a kitten for 20 years! (ex cat was run over at the age of 16. I have been waiting for us to move from the old house- next to the busy road that did for her- to this lovely new one on a quiet cul de sac for nearly a year). I haven't even got a cat carrier and litter trays yet, so wouldn't be picking them up tomorrow.

My big worry is that I have a 6 year old and a 15 month old, so obviously I only want to let DS2 have very restricted access until they're robust enough to stick up for themselves. I was thinking of having them in my room for the first few days...has anybody had any experience of juggling kittens and toddler??

stubbornstains Thu 22-Sep-16 20:59:23

Forgot to say- sorry for the hijack x

StandoutMop Fri 23-Sep-16 21:42:41

No experience of toddler/ baby v kitten, but planning on keeping ours in kitchen/diner for few days until they feel more settled (and I know they won't wee everywhere!)

StandoutMop Sat 24-Sep-16 17:12:40

Here is one of the new additions. Sister is more camera shy.

StandoutMop Sat 24-Sep-16 17:14:23

Best I can do for cat 2.

stubbornstains Sat 24-Sep-16 17:41:15

They are absolutely adorable. They're my idea of the perfect kittens I'm after, too smile. Sadly, after doing a bit of research I came to the conclusion that 8 week old kittens and 16 month old toddlers Do Not Mix. So I cancelled going to see mine sad. I'm going to have to either have to find some older kittens/ young cats, or wait for DS2 to get old enough to understand that tiny fragile living things aren't squishable.

stubbornstains Sat 24-Sep-16 17:42:51

Are those 8 weekers standout?

TroysMammy Sat 24-Sep-16 18:36:25

How sweet and you have a window sitter. One of mine was doing that when I picked him up, he was totally barmy.

standoutmop Sat 24-Sep-16 18:48:15

Born mid-july, so more like 10 weeks I think stubborn.

Currently one asleep in actual bed (box with blanket). Other one is hogging dc2's seat at the dining room table.

2kids2dogsnosense Sat 24-Sep-16 18:49:47


You lucky duck!

2kids2dogsnosense Sat 24-Sep-16 18:51:36

Mop Is Cat 2 a blue tortoiseshell or is it the light? Lovely! (So is cat 1 - sorry wasn't meaning to be divisive - beautiful little sisters)

GardenGeek Sat 24-Sep-16 18:55:15

awwww, you could buy a little play tent/ tunnel.
Ours loved the safety of simple tunnel while searching new home.

Be careful when buying other toys that string toys (ie. string on pole toys don't get left unattended, or tied to something, as they can run off with them and get tangled/ strangled etc.)

Also its hard to find but you will need non-catnip toys; as most kittens are deterred by the smell. So you will have lots of toys they don't use if not.

Simple toys which are free and you can make yourself will work too, like a ball of screwed up newspaper or kitchen foil screwed up and you can throw it down the corridor like the first part of fetch where they chase it, or roll it to them and they roll it back.

They look like such little cuties but the fact they are already looking out the window attentively means they are going to be trouble grin

Wooo, fun times! Very jealous! grin

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