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excema /overgrooming -what to do ?

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gingeroots Mon 19-Sep-16 19:51:34

Our 12 year old neutered female cat has had a bare patch on her back ,just above her tail for months now .It started off as a couple of sore/bleeding spots .

Vet says not insect or flea bites ,not scratches but excema or overgrooming .Cat is on second lot of antibiotics ,3 week course this time .Blood tests are all fine .

I'm surprised vet hasn't given a steriod injection yet ,also surprised by advice to swab with salt water . There is no sign of infection and I can't help thinking that the salt will dry the skin and make it itchier .

Has anyone got any ideas to help her get better ?

Lillagroda Mon 19-Sep-16 20:19:55

I have one who is a terrible overgroomer, she licks herself raw and to the point of infection. Steroids have helped in the past but they don't break the licking cycle, obviously.
She ends up in the cone of shame - it's the only way to get it healed.
We are now using a recovery suit instead of the cone as it's more comfortable for her for the extended periods of time she has to be kept off herself.

timtam23 Mon 19-Sep-16 22:23:03

My previous cat used to do this and had steroid injections once or twice a year - cone of shame distressed him so much that we had to take it off. We also used an old babygro (with legs cut off) to protect the area when we couldn't use the cone

gingeroots Tue 20-Sep-16 09:02:47

Thank you both . The vet did suggest buying Feliway ,I find it hard to convince myself it will work but suppose I'll have to give it a go .

I'm not sure the cone of shame would be tolerated . Coat thing seems an idea ,tho patch is right at base of her tail and I wonder if it would cover it and allow her to pee and poo .

Ho hum .

Lillagroda Tue 20-Sep-16 11:44:12

I use Feliway plug ins - she is definitely more chilled with it around. She takes Zylkene as well, although the jury's out on that one.
The suit I have has a hole under the tail - it's called Buster Easygo. On the back part it covers right up to the tail, but you'd have to make sure it fits really well (measure before buying) as that area would be loose if the suit was too big. It is for us as could do with going a size down but she doesn't lick there (belly licker) so not an issue.

gingeroots Tue 20-Sep-16 13:38:59

Thanks Lilla ,that's very helpful .

I've ordered a plug in Feliway . Though she really doesn't seem stressed ...

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