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3rd Cat

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tootiredtobeinspired Tue 13-Sep-16 16:40:17

Am I mad to be considering adding a 3rd cat to our household? We have an elderly moggy (17) and a 3 year old moggy (both female) and I have been tempted by a male rescue kitten. Would it be crazy to try and add him? The old lady accepted the younger cat when she was a kitten (with a bit of hissing and grumpiness) but she is older and more grumpy now (she is arthritic). The younger cat is out all day but is quite feisty. Also how much more work/ mess/ chaos would a 3rd cat bring?? Am I heading into crazy cat lady territory grin

Iamdobby63 Tue 13-Sep-16 18:42:00

It is always a challenge introducing a new kitten to adult cats but they usually, at the very least, end up tolerating each other. Usually the adult cats just want the kittens to stay away from them, will hiss etc.

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