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my cat has been found after 5 days,

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hellomegan Sun 11-Sep-16 21:18:47

she was in a garden on the estate, and a kind person saw my missing poster and called me. shes very hungry - has had a littlle to eat and drink. should i let her have as much as she wants? would a trip to the vets tomorrow be in order?

WeirdAndPissedOff Sun 11-Sep-16 21:21:42

I would take her to the vets - better safe than sorry.
I can't see any harm in letting her eat/drink what she likes, as long as there is nothing obviously wrong with her.

I'd be tempted to spoil her rotten! I'm glad she has turned up and is safe! grin

Mybeardeddragonjustdied2016 Sun 11-Sep-16 21:23:15

I would guess if she is eating and drinking fine then she is just glad to be home and no worse for wear!! Likely won't be the other time she treads too far from home so a trip to the vets seems a waste of money! And cats aren't known to overeat so let her fill up!! Glad for you she is back. The not knowing is so awful.

YesItsMeIDontCare Sun 11-Sep-16 21:24:43

Little and often is what's normally recommended for feeding usually isn't it? Or has that changed now?

Id definitely pop to the vets for a check over - better to be safe than sorry.

Enjoy your lovely purry furry cuddles 😻

hellomegan Sun 11-Sep-16 21:32:38

Thank you - im nearly crying with relief. She is thinner, and was very stressed when i fetched her, but she has begun to purr, and has had dreamies, royal canin kitten food and a bit of tuna. She is only seven months old. As she is calmer and seems to be ok, I'll keep her in and watch her carefully for a few days. Its going to be hard letting her out again. Perhaps it was the plumber installing a new bathroom that caused her to run away.

Makeroomforthemushrooms Sun 11-Sep-16 21:37:55

If you're nervous about letting her out again you could get her one of these or get someone to make you something similar.
Glad she's home.

cozietoesie Sun 11-Sep-16 22:25:04

I'm glad she's home. smile

Was she already neutered?

StillMedusa Sun 11-Sep-16 22:45:58

So glad she is back!
Obie did that to me last year... only he got trapped in a house where the owner had gone on holiday! (he is a terribly nosy cat).

I'd like to say he has learned his lesson but no....

RubbishMantra Mon 12-Sep-16 03:57:53

Glad she's home smile

As Cozie enquired, has she been neutered? And vaccinated?

thecatneuterer Mon 12-Sep-16 12:01:30

I'm very glad she's home. Yes, has she already been neutered? If not her disappearance is probably a result of being chased by toms.

hellomegan Mon 12-Sep-16 12:07:18

yes neutered (early, as she has a brother here) and fully vaccinated.

Cherylene Mon 12-Sep-16 12:18:14

Probably the plumber and, a that age, they are very nosy and curious and may have got disorientated/in someone else's territory. One of ours spent the night in a neighbours house that was being gutted - came back covered in dust later the next day hmm

cozietoesie Mon 12-Sep-16 13:02:33

Well done - at least that's a problem you won't have to deal with then. (Although roaming toms who aren't able to fraternise properly are not always known for their discrimination, I fear. I'd keep a general eye on her for wounds in case someone 'tried it on' while she was on the loose.)

Glad she's home. smile

thecatneuterer Mon 12-Sep-16 13:23:11

Ah yes. It probably was the plumber. One of mine disappeared for a week when the builders were here.

Botanicbaby Mon 12-Sep-16 16:53:19

Aw she's beautiful. Glad she's home safely.

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