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Fretting about cattery

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Soubriquet Thu 08-Sep-16 18:48:47

Toots is off the cattery on Monday. She will stay there until Friday and I'm worried about how she will settle blush

I'm taking her food with her as she has a sensitive stomach and a lot of food gives her a bad gut.

How else can I help her settle? And what can I do to stop the inevitable sulking when we pick her up Friday

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 08-Sep-16 19:01:15

Sulking is inevitable.

Take a blanket from home and some toys & prepare to hear all about it for days.

Ours is chilled until I make my presence known and then you can hear him across the stable yard.

mamarach26 Thu 08-Sep-16 19:03:19

I worked in a cattery for 7 years, cats usually settle if you have a warm bed for them and plenty of attention.
Sulking I can suggest nothing grin

Soubriquet Thu 08-Sep-16 19:04:23

She doesn't like strangers which is my issue.

She won't go near anyone, even in the house if they aren't me, Dh or the dc

Wolfiefan Thu 08-Sep-16 19:07:04

If it is a decent cattery they will have somewhere she can hide away. With a blanket that smells of home she will be happier. There is also a spray version of feliway you could try.
When she returns. Her favourite food, treats and cuddles. Wash the blanket she took to the cattery. Grovel. And suffer!
But she will be safe whilst she's in there and you don't need to worry. You really don't.

Waxlyrically Thu 08-Sep-16 19:18:17

Mine is the same he won't go to anyone other than me but he was fine for a week in a cattery while we were away. Like you I was dreading it but it really is the safest thing to do. I was forgiven after an hour!

Soubriquet Thu 08-Sep-16 19:32:46

It's a nice looking cattery

They have a box type house where they sleep, with a ramp to a larger kennel area and outdoor part. So she can hide away if she wants to

SecretNutellaFix Thu 08-Sep-16 19:43:55


Let her sulk. If you resort to bribery she'll never let up. We made that mistake the first time and it got ridiculous.
Second time around, we spent a bit more time with them when we got in, having made sure everything had been unpacked so it all looked normal and they settled much better.

Soubriquet Thu 08-Sep-16 19:48:13

I hope she will be ok

Would it be silly for me to ring later on in the evening to see if she has settled?

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 08-Sep-16 19:57:21

No not at all.

Waxlyrically Thu 08-Sep-16 19:59:00

I think ringing would be fine if it makes you feel more relaxed. I just kept reminding myself he was completely safe. The year before we left him at home with a pet sitter and he wouldn't come in at all. The pet sitter didn't see him for the last 3 days which was more stressful.

Soubriquet Thu 08-Sep-16 20:00:02

I had thought about a pet sitter but I think that would have been worse.

If she got out for example. I have to carry her in if she's being stubborn. No way could a pet sitter have got her in

mamarach26 Thu 08-Sep-16 21:07:08

They will take really good care of your kitty! They are used to dealing with every type of cat.
Don't be scared too ring, they won't mind!

TheNoodlesIncident Thu 08-Sep-16 23:57:46

Our cattery was very good and posted photos and videos on Facebook - they understand your feelings and are happy to reassure you (if they're a good cattery). It was great for us to see videos of our cat playing with a fishing rod toy, even though we were a 1000 miles away <sniff>

But she was very well looked after, and is actually more confident and up for stroking than when she went in.

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