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New kitten and fleas

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scarfacecoleslaw Mon 05-Sep-16 10:35:26

Hi, we got a 9 week old kitten yesterday and he had fleas. The vet saw him at 9am this morning and gave him his first flea treatment. I thought I would check him to see that they were dead but there are still lots of live ones.
The vet told me to keep him in his carrier until 10 to stop my children from touching him while it worked. Should I keep him in for longer? When should all the fleas die? Should I comb him through or just leave him?
I'm a complete novice as it is our first cat so any advice would be great thanks.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 05-Sep-16 13:24:20

It's going to take at least a day to kill the fleas. Buy some indorex from the pharmacy and spray the house in the meantime.

One can is enough for a 3 bed house.

poor kitten must be so itchy.

scarfacecoleslaw Mon 05-Sep-16 13:49:28

Thanks. My local pets at home didn't have indorex which was recommended on another thread so I bought staykill plus. I'm assuming that will be ok. I can't spray until tonight when the kids are in bed. The kitten hasn't been out of the kitchen and dining room - I was only going to spray those rooms - should I do the whole house?
He is very sleepy and not doing much at the moment.
DS1 is finding the odd dead flea on his hands when he strokes the kitten. Assume this is normal too.

CreamCrackerundertheSettee Mon 05-Sep-16 13:52:20

I don't think you should spray at bedtime as the flea spray is v strong. They recommend you leave the house for at least an hour afterwards and ventilate well.

scarfacecoleslaw Mon 05-Sep-16 14:00:44

Ok thanks.
If I'm only doing the kitchen and dining room we can close the doors and leave it tonight.
I will have to put the kitten in the carrier and take him outside if I do the whole house this afternoon. Do you think I need to do the whole house if he has only been here 1 day and stayed in kitchen?
Thanks, sorry for all the questions - new experience for me!

CreamCrackerundertheSettee Mon 05-Sep-16 16:10:01

You'd think so but if a flea jumped onto you and travelled into a different room... I'm mid flea outbreak here despite my cats having Broadline every month so I might be not the best person to ask!

sugarplumfairy28 Mon 05-Sep-16 20:25:21

Ideally you need to spray the whole house. If you have touched or been near kitten who has fleas, it is very easy for a flea to jump off and the travel with you where ever you go, so that could be anywhere. We have 10 cats and 2 dogs, and this year the fleas have been really bad. There are certain rooms where no animals go, but the fleas are there.

If you are spraying your home, please leave it especially if you have children, while doors can be closes they're not air tight. Also please check that any flea treatment you buy does not contain Permethrin - it can be lethal to cats. In my experience it can take a few days to be completely clear of fleas.

Having said all that, if you only got him yesterday and you have already had him treated doing a house spray should stop any further problems.

scarfacecoleslaw Tue 06-Sep-16 10:36:30

Thanks for the info.
It all seems much better this morning. Hardly any fleas being found and we treated the downstairs. We ended up with a lot of dead silverfish which we weren't expecting. It seemed like a silverfish massacre.
Kitten is very happy this morning and having lots of fun. Fingers crossed we have nipped it in the bud.
Thanks for your help.

CreamCrackerundertheSettee Tue 06-Sep-16 13:26:27

It sounds like the spray was effective on the silverfish!

Glad to hear all seems well. Keep up with the flea treatments though!

Enjoy your kitten! smile

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