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Cats room??

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pinkpixie83 Mon 29-Aug-16 10:53:18


After getting a new kitten on Tuesday I've given her space in the utility room with all she needs. I've been putting her in there when we go out and bed time.
When can I start letting her have run of the house when I'm out? She has had plenty of time to explore as I've been mainly in but I am going out for a while this afternoon.

Papergirl1968 Tue 30-Aug-16 22:30:17

Depends how safe rest of house is, ie windows closed etc. Kittens get into all sorts of scrapes. Thank goodness we were in when ours managed to get stuck hanging upside down by his back paw from the blind. I used to worry he would fall down the toilet...
We had to put him in one room when we went out as the alarm sensor in that room was adjusted so it didn't go off. As for bedtime, I lasted one or maybe two nights before caving in and having him on the bed!

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