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My boy was put to sleep today

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bigtapdancingpimp Wed 24-Aug-16 21:54:31

I'm gutted. He was my everything

Francescaestee Wed 24-Aug-16 21:55:38

flowers for you, my thoughts are with you.

dingit Wed 24-Aug-16 21:56:30

That's tough. flowers

bigtapdancingpimp Wed 24-Aug-16 21:57:36

We've been through so much shit together.

buckingfrolicks Wed 24-Aug-16 21:57:53

I'm so sorry for the loss in your life. Wishing you strength

cozietoesie Wed 24-Aug-16 21:58:27

A lovely boy.

I'm very sorry.

bigtapdancingpimp Wed 24-Aug-16 22:02:16

Thanks, it's been a horrible day.

Tillylils Wed 24-Aug-16 22:04:57

I'm so sorry. I understand how you feel, I lost my baby girl on Monday and I'm heartbroken. You did the kindest thing you could for him x

Potentialmadcatlady Wed 24-Aug-16 22:05:11

I'm so high over the rainbow

cozietoesie Wed 24-Aug-16 22:05:18

How long had he been with you?

CrazyDuchess Wed 24-Aug-16 22:06:06

He is beautiful flowers

OliviaStabler Wed 24-Aug-16 22:07:17

I am terribly sorry for your loss flowers

How old was he?

bigtapdancingpimp Wed 24-Aug-16 22:13:46

Cozietoes he was ten years old. He was a rescue cat from a cat sanctuary on a British base abroad.

cozietoesie Wed 24-Aug-16 22:19:17

Fairly young then. It's so hard, I know.

Threetoedsloth Wed 24-Aug-16 22:55:57

RIP lovely puss. It's heartbreaking isn't it? Be kind to yourself and take care.

PosiePootlePerkins Wed 24-Aug-16 23:14:31

RIP dear puss. Sorry for your lossflowers

fudgesmummy Wed 24-Aug-16 23:21:46

My darling boy was put to sleep last Friday, I know exactly what you are going through. Keep reassuring your self that it was the kindest thing you could have done and show's how much you loved him

Rollypoly100 Wed 24-Aug-16 23:30:47

I'm so sorry. I went through the same in May with my rescue boy. It feels awful. flowersflowersflowersflowers for you.

Wolfiefan Wed 24-Aug-16 23:35:27

That beautiful face. I'm sure he had a wonderful life with you. Ten seems so young. I'm so sorry for your loss.

RustyPaperclip Wed 24-Aug-16 23:36:48

What a beautiful boy. I'm so very sorry for your loss. They truly become part of the family. It might not help now but try and think about the good times you and your boy had. flowers

bigtapdancingpimp Sat 27-Aug-16 14:06:09

Sorry, just come back to this. Thanks for the support, the last few days have been tough. I was distraught on Wednesday night when I posted.

He had FIV and related conditions so I made the decision to have him put to sleep. I've beaten myself up for not having second and third vets' opinions but I didn't have the money for all the tests and treatment. He was one in a million and a legend in these parts; even people who didn't like cats fell in love with him.

I miss him so much but have a sense of relief he's no longer in pain/discomfort. The whole euthanasia thing was horrendous despite the vet/vet nurses being sympathetic.

I've got two other girl cats who are providing comfort and one of my friends is trying to give me a black and white male stray that she's found hmm grin

FuzzyWizard Sat 27-Aug-16 20:37:27

I'm sorry. What a sweet cat.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sat 27-Aug-16 21:59:13


Vinorosso74 Sat 27-Aug-16 22:11:36

What a beautiful boy. So sorry for your loss flowers

bigtapdancingpimp Wed 31-Aug-16 22:07:21

I'm really struggling tonight. It's been a week and I miss him so much; I'd do anything to cuddle him one last time and tell him everything will be all right.

I hate the way he left this world, in pain and fearful. I can't forget the way he looked at me before the vet injected him, he was terrified.

Is this normal, the guilt?

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