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Oops I did it again! (cat number four)

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Mycatsabastard Wed 24-Aug-16 20:42:02

DD2 asked me to take her to an animal rescue centre she'd raised money for at school. I KNEW this would be a bad idea, esepcially after looking at the website and clicking on the photos of the cats and kittens but a promise is a promise.

So we turn up and before I've even paid for a cold drink a lady asks us if we are there to rehome an animal. DD pipes up with yes please, can we look at the cats?

After eliminating all the cats who are male or can't be rehomed with other cats we were told we could come and see Bella.

Bella is 5. She used to live a long way from here with several other cats and the owner died and all the cats were shared around the rehoming centres. She is extremely timid and has been overlooked so many times that she has now been there over four months.

DD and I sat in her pen for ages, chatting to her and eventually she let us stroke her, she started purring and rolled over onto her back and showed us her tummy. I was gone at this point. Four months!! How the hell can I walk away from her?

We hopefully pick her up at the weekend grin

3amEternal Wed 24-Aug-16 20:45:47

She is beautiful! and she chose you which is fab.

cozietoesie Wed 24-Aug-16 20:47:01

Well you knew what would surely happen! grin

cozietoesie Wed 24-Aug-16 20:47:41

She's a lovely girl, also. smile

Mycatsabastard Wed 24-Aug-16 20:47:57

She is! She has gorgeous yellow eyes which you can't see properly from the photos.

DD and I are going back tomorrow to just sit with her, we are taking Dreamies, a brush (she's losing lots of fur because of the heat) and a t-shirt of DD's which will smell of us and we will leave that there. They said we can visit every day if we want and just sit with her. DD wants to go when it opens at 10 and stay until 4!

GeneralBobbit Wed 24-Aug-16 20:48:54

4 months sad

She needs you so much. Lovely friendly looking kitty.

Francescaestee Wed 24-Aug-16 20:49:18

Beautiful cat going to her forever home, she obviously choose

Mycatsabastard Wed 24-Aug-16 20:51:41

General I nearly cried when they told me. Four bloody months. Apparently because she's so shy that so many people have looked at her but as soon as you open the door she just shoots off and hides. People want an 'instant cat' which will play, cuddle, sit on your lap etc. They aren't prepared to put time in with her.

I've already done it with my oldest girl cat, she was a terrified little thing when we brought her home. Two years on she's sooo affectionate and loving. I hope Bella will come round too. She looked so sad when we left sad

Potentialmadcatlady Wed 24-Aug-16 22:22:46

Yay a happy story... I have to not go in when I drop my teen off at centre where she volunteers ..I haven't idea how we have managed to stop at two cats ...a dog...some fish...some reptiles....( and a kitten on the way) ...wish I did the lottery..I would have them all if I won

Mycatsabastard Wed 24-Aug-16 22:34:43

potential you know it's only a matter of time. The clue is in your name grin

We have a pond with fish, we have a tank with fish, a tank with frogs plus the cats. It's a happy if slightly mad household. I cannot wait to bring Bella home.

Wolfiefan Wed 24-Aug-16 22:37:40

Beautiful puss! And how did you have three? That's an odd number and clearly no good.
My girls are 18 months. May have to wait a while before getting anything else. Not sure how the tortie terrors would react!

wheresmybloodygreencard Wed 24-Aug-16 22:40:25

Thats a lovely story. We had a cat in our shelter who had been there over a year. She went to her new home a few months back, and the volunteers threw her a leaving party.

Potentialmadcatlady Wed 24-Aug-16 22:55:51

I know Mycatsabastard! Every week I get begged by teen to take on her 'favourite' cat/rabbit/Guinea pig...I even get asked to come into the shelter by the manager to 'just look at this one'... So far I have managed to resist because I already have two long term fosters and am getting a very special kitten in next couple of weeks....It's so hard but when they get more wee sick ones in..I offered to short term foster but so far this kitten season they have managed to get them all homes

Mycatsabastard Wed 24-Aug-16 23:08:57

wolfie All ours are rescues. Dp had boy cat (the bastard) when I moved in with him, he's 14 now and still Top Cat in the neighbourhood.

We took in Girl cat two years ago with her brother when they were both 8. Her brother kept buggering off back to his old house 3 miles away and after much soul searching and deliberation agreed to sign him back over to his old owners. We kept the girl.

Last year a friend of ours had a baby and baby is allergic to all pet hair so we took on girl cat 2 who is now nearly 3.

And now we will have girl cat 3 for Boy cats harem.

wheres omg! that's so lovely!! Poor cat having to spend so long in a shelter though. I'm so glad she got a new home now.

potential awww, whats special about your kitten? (and can we see photos please?)

Potentialmadcatlady Wed 24-Aug-16 23:21:54

All my animals are rescues or fosters..the two cats are life limited and have both outlived their 'expected' lifespan by over more than a year now ( one was only expected to last a few weeks/ he is currently playing a game of jump off the wardrobe unto the floor,run loudly down the stairs then back untop of the wardrobe while the dog looks at him as if to say will you please be quiet I'm trying to sleep)
The new kitten is a Devon Rex....plan she that she will be our 'stable' cat while the other fosters come/go ....chosen because they only live in mutli animal houses and because teen and me have wanted one for a long time ....I did feel really guilty but we do so much for 'sad' cases that we wanted a little joy for ourselves...
Bella is a lucky girl...will be a happy ending for her and her original owner if she somewhere looking on

DramaAlpaca Wed 24-Aug-16 23:27:08

Bella is a very lovely & very lucky puss. Well done you for taking her on & I'm sure you'll all be very happy together flowers

TimeIhadaNameChange Thu 25-Aug-16 09:57:31

Sounds like one of my previous rabbits - she'd been at the SSPCA centre for a year! :-( Someone had adopted her a few months before I got her but took her back a couple of days later for having too much personality or something.

She was an absolute delight. But she'd probably been abused in the past, as she spent most of the time with me in what I called 'scared rabbit mode'. She was perfectly friendly, but wouldn't jump up on your lap like she did in the few months she was out of it (then for some reason reverted). But she didn't want to be shut in a hutch and was quite keen to be head of the household.

The centre said they couldn't reserve animals, and the day I popped in I couldn't take anyone with me (wasn't quite ready, but was in the area so wanted to see who they had in, though I'd fallen for this one from her description!). When they realised I would definitely have her the whole office cheered, and they promised me they wouldn't let anyone else take her!

I hope you have many happy years with Bella! Am looking forward to more photos!!!

Mycatsabastard Thu 25-Aug-16 18:12:31

DD and I went to see Bella today but was asked if we wanted to take her home as they had done everything needed.

So Bella is home!!

Bless her, she cried all the way home and when we put her in DD's bedroom she first hid in the litter box and then moved under the bed where she remains.

She is happy for us to put a hand under the bed, she licks DDs fingers and rolls over for a head scratch but is refusing to come out. Will let you know when she does!

CrazyDuchess Thu 25-Aug-16 18:16:26

Oh she is just gorgeous - looks like a mix of my Charlie and Lola flowers

Potentialmadcatlady Thu 25-Aug-16 23:24:42

Oh that's so good you got her home...head scratchers are an excellent start.. Hope she settles really quickly!

OrsonWellsHat Thu 25-Aug-16 23:48:46

She's an absolute beauty. I'm sure she'll settle very soon smile

CatsGoPurrrr Fri 26-Aug-16 10:29:47

Aw, congratulations on your new family member xx

Potentialmadcatlady Fri 26-Aug-16 17:13:11

How's she doing today?

WigelsPigels Fri 26-Aug-16 17:24:35

Awe I'm jealous. I would love to regime mother from the cat centre. DH won't though hmm. We have two.

WigelsPigels Fri 26-Aug-16 17:25:27

That's suppose to say rehome another. Meh.

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