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Lump on cats back

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Pets123 Sun 21-Aug-16 22:07:41

I have noticed a small lump on my cats back that has been growing over the past few weeks. It feels quite solid and doesn't seem to hurt her if I touch it. Is it anything I should work about or do you think o should just leave it and keep an eye on the size?

isamonster Sun 21-Aug-16 22:12:09

I think you need to get a vet to check it out sooner rather than later. It is always better to see what it is. how old is your cat?

Pets123 Sun 21-Aug-16 22:18:30

15, the problem is my mum who is technically her owner is reluctant to take her or have anything to do with it after just paying a large vet bill for a leg amputation for her.

isamonster Sun 21-Aug-16 22:49:09

I understand that but she could be helped perhaps or suffering in ways you cant see. Cats don't seem to easily show pain until it is very bad. It really is a shame not to at least do something for her if you're noticed it and it is growing. She's already been through an amputation poor old girl. What had happened?

Pets123 Sun 21-Aug-16 22:53:55

We think she was hit by a car and broke her leg. She managed to then hop to our front door in through the house and up the stairs to find me before she collapsed on the floor. And then because of her age vet said an amputation would be better than trying to fix it due to the times under anaesthetic.

RubbishMantra Sun 21-Aug-16 22:56:18

My first thought was has she had her vaccinations recently, and is the lump mid-way between her shoulder blades? That happened to MCat once after his vaccs. A course of Metacam sorted it out.

Except, the lump's getting bigger. I would certainly vet ASAP. Would you be prepared to take her to the vet, pay the bill and let your mother pay you back in installments if she's hard up after paying for the amputation?

Could you ask your mother to sign her over to you? Just a call to the microchip company (usually Petlog in UK) and the vet cat's registered with should be all it takes. Or you could just take her in without your mother's permission. Hopefully Lone (a vet ) will be along soon to advise you on the implications.

Do you have a PDSA vets' practice in your area? They will treat her, and you only donate as much as you can afford.

isamonster Sun 21-Aug-16 22:58:36

Poor thing - and poor you - how traumatic! I just am always keen to be better safe than sorry with animals... I know it is expensive if you don't have insurance but you're clearly concerned. A consultation could put your minds at rest... Or help you consider her quality of life etc. Sadly she cant tell you how it feels. Good luck whatever you decide.

Pets123 Sun 21-Aug-16 23:19:09

I've spoken to my mum and shes agreed to sign the cats over to me so I will book an appointment tomorrow with the vets to put my mind at rest!

RubbishMantra Sun 21-Aug-16 23:23:00

And like isamonster says, cats are experts in hiding pain - in the wild, show weakness, and you'll be attacked and eaten, so it's their instinct to hide their pain.

A cat wandered into my house one day, not even limping, and gave it some milk (didn't know better back then not to feed other peoples' cats, or of lactose intolerance) Cat was purring it's head off the entire time, but when I saw the other side of the poor cat, it's leg looked like it had been through a mincer. sad

Rang OOH vets, who were brilliant, and luckily the cat was chipped, so the owners were contacted, and gave permission for amputation, the only option, the leg was ruined.

That's just an example to show how well cats hide pain. They purr for many reasons, and one of those is to self-soothe.

WalrusGumboot Sun 21-Aug-16 23:26:57

Glad you're taking responsibility for the cat OP. That's a pretty poor attitude from your mum though. Insurance isn't expensive and after having such a huge bill recently one could be forgiven for thinking that it would be a priority! But all's well that ends well.

I hope your cat's ok.

RubbishMantra Sun 21-Aug-16 23:29:29

X posted with you Pets, that is good news, good on you girl. smile

Please let us know how she gets on won't you?

And if you're on certain benefits or a student, you may be entitled to PDSA care. Have a google to find out which one's closest to you, and give them a call.

isamonster Sun 21-Aug-16 23:29:46

Good for you. I think it is unfair on both you and the cat to leave it so better you can just go ahead. Good luck - i know it is stressful but they do need us to take care of them.

isamonster Tue 23-Aug-16 10:24:17

Let us know how you get on. Hope it isn't serious.

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