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Should we have these lovely kittens?

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earthyambitions Thu 18-Aug-16 07:34:22

A friend has had some feral kittens turn up on her garden and can't keep them herself. We are considering keeping 2 but are a bit undecided, especially as we've never had cats before. So any advice would be gratefully received! Here's our pro/con lost so far...
We have a nice sofa that we don't want destroying but perfectly possible to keep cats out of that room initially.
We have a dog and no idea how it will be with cats.
I work full time so kittens would be left to destroy the house while we are out.
House is rented so could do without trashed carpets though we could replace if necessary.
We live on a busy road with lots of lorries.
No cat flap and no possibility of having one.
The smell - although from what I've read so far shouldn't be any worse than the dog.

DS would love them!
We have a huge garden which backs on to fields for kitties to play in.
If we don't take them they will go to a cat rescue which are surely already full of unwanted kitties.
Erm...they are super cute!!

My plan is to keep cats either in the dining room with door shut until dogs get used to them or upstairs. Am happy for them to sleep on DSs bed but not of they are going to keep him awake all night! Litter tray could go on landing but would they get up an go and use it in the night. Then when old enough can put out in a morning on way to work with nice comfy beds etc in outbuilding and let in again when we get home - alternatively they are I all day and go out when we go home.

So what do we do? Cute kitties and lovely pets for DS, or lots of hard work and a terrible idea?

Icequeen01 Thu 18-Aug-16 08:31:28

For me the deciding factor would be the busy road. I have lost cats to the road in some of my previous homes, some when they were little more than kittens. Trust me there is no worse feeling than finding your cat at the side of the road. Unless they are going to be indoor cats then I'm afraid it would be a definite no no for me.

I doubt there is anyone on this board who has had kittens who didn't suffer some sort of damage. Luckily my two current rescues did not claw my leather sofa when they came as kittens but did ruin some very expensive curtains in my lounge (luckily I got more enjoyment out of my kittens than I did my curtains!) one of them still claws my carpets to death no matter what I do and he's 4 now so unlikely to stop!

Could your friend contact a local rescue? The rescue I got my cats from take in feral kittens.

You obviously have a kind heart Op but I think you need to be ruled by your heart and not your head.

Icequeen01 Thu 18-Aug-16 08:32:37

Sorry that should obviously have said be ruled by your head and not your heart - Doh!

Catisagit Thu 18-Aug-16 08:36:51

My cats survived a busy road as they had a huge back garden to mess about, sleep and hunt in. Keeping them confined to one room when you are out and never leaving them with the dog alone till you are absolutely sure they are OK together. That could take months till they are big enough to look after themselves.

Covered litter trays really cut down the smell while you have to keep them inside.

NeedACleverNN Thu 18-Aug-16 08:41:15

We used to live on a busy road and I had 3 cats

They were fine. Used to go in the back garden and then go to neighbours houses from there. They wouldn't go round the front

But I know that's the exception and not the rule

Think really sensibly...

I know it's easy to say yes but really look at the ups and downs.

I would probably get them if I didn't have a dog to worry about too

earthyambitions Thu 18-Aug-16 10:19:54

Thanks, I'm not very good at being ruled by my head when cute fluffy baby animals are involved blush. I think the dog is the biggest factor to consider to be honest. Perhaps not fair on any of them in case they don't get on.

NeedACleverNN Thu 18-Aug-16 10:21:49

If they never get on, your whole house would need to be segregated for the rest of their lives

You would have to be constantly aware that doors are shut and that cat and dog don't come into contact

Missgraeme Thu 18-Aug-16 10:24:15

We had a rottweiler when we got 2kittens. She was mesmerised!! Kittens are 4 now and have survived 2 house moves. Main roads. A baby. And a husky puppy and a lurcher puppy!! They say cats have 9 lives for a reason!! They are hardy things!! I have had cats for over 40years and only 1 road kill. If u have fields out the back that's where they will head for - not the noisey traffic!!

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