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We picked up our kitten today!

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Kenworthington Mon 15-Aug-16 21:21:57

Here he is. He is BONKERS and into everything. MN meet Colin

Sorry can't keep him still long enough to take a proper photo 😂

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 15-Aug-16 21:28:02

He looks bonkers too! I hope your chimneys too small to fit a kitten.

I bet your shattered with removing him from exciting life threatening situations by now.

cozietoesie Mon 15-Aug-16 21:40:42

Hasn't he slept yet? grin You'll be a nervous wreck before too long!

BikeRunSki Mon 15-Aug-16 21:41:31

Is it you who was ranting about Centre Parks last night OP?

Kenworthington Mon 15-Aug-16 22:27:43

Haha yeah it was! Am home now thank the Lord!

Kenworthington Mon 15-Aug-16 22:29:41

Cozie- he's now crashed out on my best blanket on the sofa, finally. Dh who was white ADAMENT we would not be getting a kitten, has instructed me that I must be prepared to get up in the night in case Colin needs me and to leave all the doors open so he can come and look for us if he wants us for anything. 😂 that's not gonna happen though right? Right??

cozietoesie Mon 15-Aug-16 22:51:32

He'll likely sleep for about three or four hours. Be prepared for Crash Bang Wallop in the early hours. grin

How I love the fact that Siamese sleep through. smile

Lorelei76 Mon 15-Aug-16 22:53:45

Ooh if he is asleep you can take a proper photo, can hardly see these.
Back at home with a kitten, you must be well happy. Enjoy!

WeirdAndPissedOff Tue 16-Aug-16 00:41:15

Aww, he's gorgeous - congrats!
IME kittens gave two modes - asleep and MANIC WANTS ATTENTION/FOOD/TO PLAY NOW!

We always tended to limit ours to one room overnight when we first got them so that we could kitten-proof it to some degree - ours seemed to always be getting into mischief and scrapes! But then I'm quite a worrier anyway. blush

LaurieFairyCake Tue 16-Aug-16 00:43:20

Is that him weeing in the plant pot ? grin

BengalCatMum Tue 16-Aug-16 01:12:57

Awww so cuteee!

Leave the door open and someones going to end up with a kitty sleeping on their chests/ head / under the covers tonight.

And to be awoken by kittys claws digging into the sensitive part just under your toenails while they hunt your feet while you sleep grin

So worth it, these early days are best part of having a cat grin

Have fun, I am sure your going to have loads and loads with this LO!

Go mad, eat, poo, sleep ... Repeat (on a 4 hour cycle) grin

iloveeverykindofcat Tue 16-Aug-16 07:37:44

Guarantee you he is crapping in that pot. When we first got kittens we thought they didn't poop. Totally mystified. Then we went to water the plants.

Kenworthington Tue 16-Aug-16 07:47:31

Oh god do you think? He seemed to sleep all night- was in the same position this mornjng as last night. He is sneezing a lot. Has he got a kitten cold??!

Kenworthington Tue 16-Aug-16 07:50:13

Oh god he's in that bloody plant pot again. I think maybe you're right but how an I make him stop and go int he tray?

iloveeverykindofcat Tue 16-Aug-16 07:53:52

We just removed the plants! But my friend did it by wiping the kittens' bottoms with cotton wool, then putting the cotton wool in the litter tray. She had two and once one used the tray the other copied.

Kenworthington Tue 16-Aug-16 07:57:27

Will that work at his age? He's just over three months and apparently has been no bother this far. (Previous owner obv did not own a lovely cheese plant)

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 16-Aug-16 07:58:17

Has he seen a vet? Kittens shouldn't sneeze.

Has he had his flu vaccine yet?.

iloveeverykindofcat Tue 16-Aug-16 08:01:32

I'm not sure, but it can't hurt to try. Does he pee in the tray? And yy to vet.

Kenworthington Tue 16-Aug-16 08:01:34

He's seeing vet tomorrow. For second lot of vaccinations and a health check. He has been sticking his nose into all kinds of dusty nastiness though..

Kenworthington Tue 16-Aug-16 08:02:40

No idea i can't tell. I bought the wood pellet litter (which I don't think he likes) but maybe I'll get some clumping stuff today.

fanniboz Tue 16-Aug-16 08:04:32

Hello Colin grin he's gorgeous. Enjoy him OP, very jealous! smile he has the best name ever

Kenworthington Tue 16-Aug-16 08:05:36

Here he is this morning with his favourite feathery thing. He's now just dragging it round the house

iloveeverykindofcat Tue 16-Aug-16 08:39:59

A gorgeous panther! I love black cats.

OliviaStabler Tue 16-Aug-16 08:46:49

He's so lovely.

Emochild Tue 16-Aug-16 09:26:43

Colin is 100% using that plant as a litter tray

Have fun with that grin

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