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Cat has just launched himself at me and savaged me for no reason

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MrsSchadenfreude Fri 12-Aug-16 09:00:27

He has been a bit yowly since we rehomed the Shitten, and a bit more bitey than usual (not very - he is usually a placid lump of loveliness), but this morning he has been miaowing strangely - that distressed "ow Ow OW" noise, and has gone from being curled up next to me, being stroked and purring, to launching himself at me, with fangs and claws, and hanging off my arm from his teeth.

He was fine last night - spent the evening sprawled across my lap having his tummy rubbed.

Could he be in pain? His fur is a bit knotty at the moment, and we have tackled the knots with special scissors and the furminator (which he didn't enjoy, but he was fine after we did this yesterday). He is now curled up in the corner of the sitting room chirruping sadly to himself (he's a Maine Coon), and hisses at me and waves a large, threatening paw if I approach. He is not off his food - just seems unhappy.

cozietoesie Fri 12-Aug-16 10:29:00

I'd vet him. Does he go outside at all?

RubbishMantra Fri 12-Aug-16 20:23:25

I agree with cozie re. vetting, their tender skin can be so easily ripped/cut. While you're there, ask the vet to shave his knotty areas. He may not look as gorgeous (he will to you of course smile) but if they shave the snipped/furminated areas they can check for cuts/skin tears.

He'll be more comfy in the heat with less fluffiness as well.

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