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Dust free cat litter?

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MERLYPUSSEDOFF Wed 03-Aug-16 10:03:53

We have 2 kitties and was advised to use wood pellet litter for them. My boys have the sniffs and I wondered if the dust created is causing it as it sticks to their feet. I am not willing to give up on them yet as they don't normally have pet allergy.

Should I try out a different type with lower dust? If so which one?

I like the idea that I can flush the poop blobs.

Toddlerteaplease Wed 03-Aug-16 17:13:59

I use intersand Classic. It's dusty when filling the tray but low dust otherwise. Absolutely no smell what so ever. I don't think it's flushable but I scoop the clumps and put it in dog poo bags in the bin.

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