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Feline leprosy, any experiences?

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Justasec Sun 31-Jul-16 22:45:35

Hi, does anyone have any experience of feline leprosy? Our elderly cat (16) has some nasty skin lesions and the vet mentioned he thinks that's what it might be, although he really isn't sure. She's had some fairly heavy duty antibiotics and slowly the skin seems to be improving but she's very weak, just a bag of skin and bones, very wobbly. She's eating a little (tuna/salmon/chicken/jelly licked off pouch food but only ever a few mouthfuls), but wondered if anyone has any other suggestions of how to help her recover and/or questions to ask of vet? He wants to see her again in 2 weeks but unless she picks up a bit, I'm not sure she'll make it that far.... Any thoughts helpful.

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