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Going out

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SquidgyRedBall Sat 30-Jul-16 00:41:03

My little cat is desperate to go out but is not quite ready for a month or two. I let him out with supervision but a neighbours cat keeps coming in our garden and going for him.

When I let him out is he going to be OK and what do I do when I start to let him out without supervision. Will he know how to get back? I was thinking of opening cat flap at weekends when we are around and then gradually leaving it open more and more. He's destined to be an outdoor cat as he's always looking out the window or wanting to be outside if we are I think I'll never see him haha

RubbishMantra Sat 30-Jul-16 06:18:47

First, get a supersoaker water pistol (I bought one for my neighbour to use on my cat if he enters his house) to use on bully cat. It's your little cat's territory, and he needs to know you'll back him up if in trouble.

Once he's been neutered and chipped, let him out before he's eaten, so he'll return for his breakfast/dinner. Get him used to the shaking noise of his favourite treats Dreamies.

If you're really worried, google Loca8tor cat, but if you do put one on his collar, make sure it's a snap-off safety collar, not a death-trap elasticated one.

It's good that he's looking out the windows, he's assessing his surroundings, so he knows how to get home once he is allowed outside unsupervised.

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