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Cat has had his penis removed

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Bearcatt Thu 28-Jul-16 16:34:01

Well we've had quite a couple of weeks here.
Cat had an adenocarcinoma removed from his penis in February.
It came back. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago when he was licking himself.
The vet was going to do the lesser operation of removing the tumour again, but it was too large with a much wider base / attachment than last time. So the choices were to shave part of the tumour off (it would be big again very soon), put him to sleep under the anaesthetic or go for the radical penis removal.
We decided to give him a chance hoping that there is no other spread.
He was so brave & purry when he came home although drugged up.
He didn't though have a wee until about 36 hours post op. He had refused to go in the shredded newspaper (vets recommendation)in the litter tray but was very agitated early on the Sunday morning, panting, miaowing, walking around. He eventually got onto our bed, lay down for 10 minutes then jumped off again.
I sat up to see where he had gone & saw that he had weed on our sheet when he was lying down. I think it was involuntary & that he was just desperate to go.
He also raced out through the open back door on that beautiful Sunday morning & went straight for a wee in the border. After that I just opened up the cat flap & let him come & go as he pleased. In fact when I told the vet this he said that as the cat was so stressed at being kept in, he was quite happy for him to be able to come & go into an enclosed garden.
He was rubbish at taking his tramadol in any tasty treats, he just left the treat most of the time.
He had his stitches taken out on Monday under sedation. We were to keep the collar on to stop him licking the wound until I got home from work on Wednesday.
No sooner was the collar off, then he was licking & causing the wound to bleed. The collar went back on within half an hour.
I think I will leave it on until Next Monday now, a week after stitch removal.
He's pretty cheerful. I am just hoping that by leaving the collar on a bit longer that he has less chance of disturbing his wound.
He is due to see the vet at the end of August again but will take him back next week if similar happens.
Has anyone else got any comments about collars / operation sites & how long you needed to keep the collar on?

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 28-Jul-16 16:38:37

Good God that sounds awful. No wonder he didn't wee for 36hrs.

Vinorosso74 Thu 28-Jul-16 20:00:54

Oh wow, poor cat. Sorry no advice re. the collar but wishing him a speedy recovery.
I would say if you're unsure on anything call your vets for advise.

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