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Not using the bastard litter tray!!!

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Rubberduck2 Wed 20-Jul-16 20:04:03

We have 3 cats, all neutered males. They are house cats, two are coming up for 2 and one has just turned 1.

They get on really well and are quite happy following each other round all day. They sleep together at any given opportunity, they are basically very happy cats.

The youngest one has, over the last 4 days, decided that he doesn't want to use the various litter trays and has taken to pissing where ever he fancies.

On this occasion it started with him doing a very runny poo on our armchair which was duly cleaned up. 12 hours later his backside exploded on the same chair and he pissed all over it. I thought he was off colour and kept a close eye on him - he is now back to normal poo's.

Are you still with me? Sorry it's long just need to get to the bottom of this with out drip feeding. Since his dodgy backside he is pissing - full bladder pissing anywhere he fancies. He has been on our bed, on the chair and just now - in the washing up bowl (I was actually quite appreciative of this location in comparison to others). I then watched him go on to the litter tray (this is a litter tray with a hood) and promptly try and take a shit on top of the hood. He has done this before.

We moved house in March and he started peeing on beds then, I spoke with the vets who suggested he just needed to settle and after a few occasions he stopped and has been fine up until this issue.

I'm 5 months pregnant and scrubbing cat crap/pee is not ideal. I've just had a full claw put in my hand whilst trying to stop him going on the litter hood - which considering he'd just pissed in the washing up bowl was bound to be covered in wee so am fully germalined up. I'm not usually precious but this an being cautious with this pregnancy.

Ridiculous essay - sorry. I just need to put a stop to this now and not sure of the best way to do it. Any advice would be received gratefully!!

MrsPigling Wed 20-Jul-16 20:35:48

how many litter trays do you have? I think it's recommended to have 1 per cat plus one more. Not that you'll manage to teach them whose tray is whose, they'll share or not depending on how they feel....

also what re you using to clean it up? lots of cleaners will smell (to the cat!) like other cat's wee, so he might be tempted to mark again to make it smell of him smile

finally have you tried a happy cat pheromone plug in thingy?

cozietoesie Wed 20-Jul-16 20:55:38

I have to admit that my first thought would be that the youngest, for some reason, is more susceptible to stress than the other two and doesn't really get on with them deep down. When did they/he join the household?

If you've ruled out a physical issue, then I reckon it's down to not being happy and demonstrating his displeasure to you.

Rubberduck2 Thu 21-Jul-16 08:22:55

mrs we have 3 - I will go any get another today!

I will look at getting one of those Felliway (?) plugins!

cozie I honestly think that he's happy. Obviously I could be wrong but he wants to sleep with the others and is a very affectionate cat. I think it is more likely to be he's unhappy with the trays in someway. That said I certainly won't be ruling it out as a option as I need to get this sorted.

Came down to another poo on the chair this morning, thankfully this one was hard!! confused

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